Who are the most influential people in the security industry? You aren’t the only one asking the question, but Security has the answer. The Most Influential People in Security 2012 was our most popular article this past week, taking up a full 10 percent of all of our online page views. Have you read it yet?

Other popular articles this week include:

Mapping Alternative Routes to CFATS Compliance: This article is from Tuesday’s eNewsletter and details how new tools being developed and distributed can give security professionals new ways to achieve CFATS compliance.

How to Expand Surveillance Monitoring: From the August issue of Security, we break down how your surveillance system can stretch across an enterprise and add more value to the program.

Report: Bag with Bomb Left Under Building Guard Desk for Weeks: A major security oversight from a security officer left a canvas bag containing an IED under a Detroit government building’s guard desk for 21 days.

 Preventing Healthcare Crime with Access Control and ID: Hospital security has to walk the fine line between safety and visitor protocols, but access control could help bridge the gap.

Using Intelligent Video to Solve Investigations: Another addition from the latest Security eNewsletter, this article explains how video analytics can help security professionals build cases and detect internal theft.

Achieving Effective Access Control on a Tight Budget: Budgets might be locked down, but doors have to stay locked too. Security professionals from CoorsTek and Charter Communications explain how you can manage access control needs without breaking the bank.

7 Factors Delaying  Background Screening Times: Between weather delays and incomplete applications, delayed background checks can put a damper on recruiting times, but with each factor, there are ways to avoid the holdup.