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New and Noteworthy

Beyond the Numbers: What the Stanley-Niscayah M&A Means for You: The spate of system integration M&A has most recently been capped off by Stanley’s billion-dollar-plus purchase of Niscayah. While global footprints mean more consistent and constant service, could it also mean less choice and more cost? Security explores the issue with leading CSOs. Originally published in our May 2012 print edition. By Diane Ritchey, Security editor.

Using Crime Data to Drive and Defend Security Resource Allocations: Do you know Dr. Deming? You should – his theory can rescue your security budget. Use local crime data to drive more money to your department. Originally published in the May 2012 print edition. By Steven K. Aurand.

Workplace Violence: A Scourge Across Diverse Industries: Violence in the workplace is more than a costly disruption in day-to-day activities – it is a dilemma that rips through sectors, departments and lives. But with a strong action plan and extensive training, the risk of workplace violence can be mitigated. Originally published in the May 2012 print edition. By Laura Scott, Esq.

Trail Mix: Five Good Ways to Track People: Tracking people inside your facility is often a necessary security precaution, but it doesn’t mean you have to employ an army of guards to stalk them through the grounds. These five methods allow you to monitor people and assets without babysitting them. Originally published in the May 2012 print edition. By Bill Zalud, Editor Emeritus.

Another Evolution? Will Smart Card Trump Prox? Advances in access control are moving at lightning speed, and your card reader should too. Find out if proximity cards make sense for you. Originally published in the May 2012 print edition. By Bill Zalud, Editor Emeritus.


Returning Favorites

SECURITY’s Top Guarding Companies: Ranking in our top 10 for three weeks running, this article, originally published January 16, 2004, this article evaluates the security industry’s guarding companies to help you make an informed decision.

Security’s Top 25 People in the Security Industry: They contribute to their own organizations, but also influence the security industry and enterprises across the world. This is Security Magazine's second annual spotlight on the Top 25. Originally published in the December 2007 print edition.

Approaching Risk Head OnFind out how Mark Domnauer, corporate security director for Adobe Systems Incorporated, manages risk when it comes at him in all shapes and sizes, and from every direction. (Hint: He doesn’t wait for it to come to him.) Originally published in the April 2012 print edition. By Security Editor Diane Ritchey.

The Top 10 Open Video Management Systems: In the video surveillance market today there is a plethora of Video Management Systems (VMS). Some are unique that serve very niche markets, while others are the dominate players or market leaders, and in between are the up and coming systems that are challenging the market leaders. In all of these solutions there is one principle: to provide a tool that aids the security professional in the efficient and effective use of surveillance equipment.  Originally published in the February 2010 print edition.


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