If you do, submit a nomination by May 1, 2012, and your pick might be profiled in Security Magazine’s Most Influential People in Security feature in August.

Good nominees might include:

  • Chief security officers and chief information security officers who are willing to share their strategies and accomplishments
  • Enterprise CEOs with a vision relating business to security goals
  • Persons researching or developing security technology
  • Public servants who best serve or challenge security executives and their mission
  • Association executives with a successful track record

Nomination criteria:

  • Security industry impact over the span of their career
  • Impact and influence on the profession of security
  • Business impact on one or more corporations, organizations or agencies
  • Influence of impact on policy, regulations or legislation
  • Technology and commercial security industry impact

If your nominee is chosen as a Most Influential, you will be contacted for more information. Vendors are encouraged to nominate end-users; vendors as nominees will not be considered.

The polls are now open, so make your opinion count! Fill out the online form below and return it to Security editor Diane Ritchey at ritcheyd@bnpmedia.com with your nomination.



Nomination Form for Security Magazine’s Most Influential 2012

E-mail this completed form by May 1 to Diane Ritchey, Editor, at ritcheyd@bnpmedia.com. You will receive a confirmation email within 2-3 working days of submission.



Question 1: Why should this person make our list? (50 words max)   



Question 2: Explain how the individual you are nominating changed the security landscape in his/her organization in 2010.



Question 3: Please give evidence of your nominee’s demonstrated leadership qualities. This can draw from efforts within your organization and/or efforts outside, naming any affiliations or forums where applicable. Describe the nominee’s leadership style and how executives, peers and staff perceive him/her. Please include quotes or testimonials where applicable.


Question 4: What makes this individual unique from other security professionals? Please include specific examples of the nominee’s commitment to influence the profession either by example or particular effort.


Question 5: What specific security projects, programs or departments did the person you are nominating plan, lead or execute in 2010 that demonstrate his/her leadership skills, and what are the business results of those plans?



Question 6: Does this person’s influence extend beyond his/her company? (50 words max)   



Nominator Information

Please complete the information below:


Name: _______________________________________________________________________  

Title: ________________________________________________________________________  

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Email:  _______________________________________________________________________ 

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