Just days before the tragic shooting in Tuscon, which targeted a U.S. Member of Congress, but unrelated to that incident, a disgruntled so-called lone wolf complaining about highway signs mailed a small package to the Maryland governor and the parcel ignited when someone in the state mailroom unzipped it, shooting out a tiny flame that singed the worker's fingers. About 15 minutes later January 6, a second worker was injured opening a similar package at a state government building 20 miles away. Soon after, mailrooms across Maryland were cleared and two other suspicious packages uncovered, though they turned out to be a toner cartridge and laptop batteries. Explosive material was not found in either package that ignited and authorities are not sure if any other dangerous packages are out there, but mailroom workers were expected back at work January 7. They will have pictures of the packages and were advised to be vigilant about anything suspicious. Meanwhile, the packages have prompted officials in at least four nearby states to be more vigilant.