In response to public outcries and almost daily news reports about blunders in airport security, TSA says it's got a new way for passengers with disabilities to go through airport security.

It's a Disability Notification Card, which is a printable card with a space for passengers to write in their medical condition and show to a TSA agent when they go through airport security. But will this work?

There are several concerns here. First, a TSA agent must be able to understand what's written on the card. Not everyone knows medical terms and how removing a medical device can harm a passenger. Do you? Second, the card is not on the TSA web site, but instead, on the Muscular Dystrophy Association web site and available for download. Third, that "free download" issue presents another problem: anyone can print it out and write anything that they want on it. How do you prove that someone has a disability or medical condition?

TSA is trying to make airpor security easier and more efficient, but this solution presents more problems (at least for now) than a solution.