It now appears that organized crime groups, often from eastern Europe, are moving across the U.S. placing devices on ATMs and gas station credit card readers to steal identities. Skimmers have come to Arizona, the Arizona Republic reports. During the last six months, the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures have reported at least 30 cases of illegal credit-card readers found attached to legitimate card readers at gasoline pumps across the state. It appears that the skimmer activity has popped up spontaneously during the past 12 months, but not in a concentrated effort or area, with the skimmers moving in and out of locations fast. In July, the governor asked the department to raise awareness of skimming with training and more inspections to catch the illegal devices. In August, state inspectors will increase fuel pump exams, provide extra training sessions for officers on technology used to catch skimmers, and work with the petroleum industry on finding and preventing skimming, said the director of compliance programs for the state agency. Sometimes, skimmers are used in other industries, too, such as in restaurants, said an individual who works in the restaurant industry. Waiters can hide skimmers in their wallets or belts to swipe cards undetected. More info on skimming operations at Security Magazine