The Animal Liberation Front has taken responsibility for a molotov cocktail attack at the former Ylipelto Mink Farm in Svensen, Oregon. In an anonymous Internet post on the North American Animal Liberation Press Office’s website, the group said it snuck onto the property July 26 and exploded eight molotov cocktails. In all, the bombs destroyed a boat, a car, two forklifts and a front-end loader. A barn was also fire damaged, but the Knappa-Svensen Fire Department was able to put out the flames before the building burned down. The Internet post condemns the Ylipeltos’ operations and a headline above it claims, the farm was “destroyed.” The man who lives on the property with his wife said that there have not been mink on the property since December. In October 2008 an activist for the Vegan Straight Edge Community released approximately 1,500 minks from their cages from the farm. As many as 1,200 were recovered. A year later, in October 2009, 300 more minks were released. Clatsop County Fire Investigation Team, the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office, Oregon State Police, agents from Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Sheriff’s Office and the FBI are continuing the investigation.

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