Putting the iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry units into enterprise compliance has long seemed an impossible dream, but new technology has arrived. From Mobile Active Defense (M.A.D.), it’s called Enterprise UTM, and the technology can satisfy regulators, auditors and their mobile user workforce with a single UTM console. Winn Schwartau, chairman of M.A.D. Partners, LLC, and a Security Magazine 25 Most Influential person, said, “The iPhone and others smart phones are merely small powerful and mobile computers. Millions of them are trying to connect to corporate networks. I get that. But when smart phones connect to those networks, every semblance of security and compliance collapses. I don’t get that companies allow that. So we solved their mobile security problem with Enterprise UTM.”

M.A.D. Enterprise UTM allows iPhones and other smart phones to be securely controlled and managed according to company security policy from a central management console.

Suzanne Gorman, Associate Partner at Citihub, and the former Director of Governance at Omgeo, LLC, chair of the FS-ISAC and the ISAC Council, agrees that organizations that must adhere to regulatory compliance guidelines should be especially concerned about their mobile workforce. “I am well aware of how data leaks and network breaches occur through smart phones. My fellow security executives need to take this threat extremely security and do something about it, sooner than later.”

M.A.D. Enterprise UTM gives security and policy administrators the same type of control over users’ conventional desktops. M.A.D. Partners’ CTO, Rob Smith offers, “M.A.D. provides just about everything the CISO would want. Email security, anti-virus, spam and malware detection and removal, encryption, VPN, a granular policy driven firewall, content management, inventory control, provisioning and of course, extensive reporting are all standard features.”

Kevin Fiscus, National Security Practice Lead for NWN Corporation says that companies are familiar with solving their internal network security issues. “What has been missing is an enterprise-class solution that could help companies manage the risks associated with smart phones and promote regulatory compliance. Now we have the answer with Mobile Active Defense.”