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From Limited Door Access to IP Video

Honeywell Security in Booth 14023 aims at smaller installation sites – The new NetAXS-123 access control system. The one-, two- or three-door system completes Honeywell’s portfolio of NetAXS Web-based access control. The NetAXS offering gives users all the benefits of traditional access control such as helping secure doors, managing employee access and sites remotely, and pulling reports easily to meet compliance requirements. The new NetAXS-123 is designed to make security access control simpler and more affordable for smaller businesses. It features a flexible, Web-based design that helps users save time and money by reducing or eliminating costs and oversight associated with PC-based systems by eliminating the expense of servers and software licenses. Because of its web browser interface, multiple users can manage the system from any location and avoid potential hardware issues, including system lock-ups and virus attacks. The embedded web server gives users full control to monitor and view live events in real time while allowing users to manually control access areas such as doors and card readers. Honeywell is now demonstrating the system at ISC West

Honeywell also is showing the EQUIP family of IP products and the first in a series of high definition cameras. The new HD3MDIP indoor mini-dome provides 720p images at extremely low bandwidth for significantly reduced storage requirements even in low light. The HD3MDIP is the latest addition to Honeywell’s expanded IP portfolio of high definition cameras that allows end users to integrate a broad range of digital technology into their analog systems. The HD mini-dome provides extremely high picture quality at the cost of traditional analog cameras. It features an externally accessible web-based menu to let operators view and control cameras from virtually anywhere, and camera tamper detection alerts users instantly if a camera has been obstructed or vandalized.


HID Global Fuels Innovation in Physical Access and Secure Identity

The latest advances and offerings in physical access, logical access, and secure issuance solutions are on display today in Booth 12051. HID Global will also share its perspective for innovation at its ISC West strategy briefing.

“Innovation in the security industry is a state of mind, and can only be driven through a combination of actively listening to customers, strategically investing in technology, being a committed industry participant, and cultivating rock-solid partnerships and alliances,” says Denis Hébert, HID Global’s president and CEO, who promised to continue to expand what the firm calls its Genuine HID Secure Identity initiative. Key demonstrations at ISC West include:

         New Printing and Encoding Solutions: HID Global is previewing a new family of intuitive, modular, reliable and scalable FARGO Direct-to-Card printers, which offer solutions for creating customized photo IDs and encoding smart cards. Each FARGO model includes optional field-upgradable modules to scale to future requirements and works seamlessly with other HID products and technologies to optimize security and interoperability.

         Next-Generation Reader Technology: HID Global will be highlighting its next-generation, modular Edge Evo reader line for a variety of access-control applications. Also on display is the company’s multiCLASS Magnetic Stripe reader line, designed for customers seeking to upgrade their current access control card system from the popular magnetic stripe technology to the enhanced security of 13.56 MHz smart card technology.

         Genuine HID Credential Solutions:  Booth displays highlight cards that enable users to seamlessly manage multiple applications and migration projects through a single credential containing diverse technologies.

         Featured are more than 25 products from third-party developers who have embedded HID technology into their products.

         HID Connect:  The hardware and software partnership arm, booth visitors can view offerings from partners such as ASSA ABLOY, Accu-Time, Axcess International, SMI and more.

         Networked Access and Advantage Partner Solutions:  IP-enabled access control solutions based on OPIN API development platform will be on display from development partners AMT, PCSC, PlaSec and Quintron. In addition, look for the more than 60 Advantage HID Channel Partners at ISC West.

There are also Experience Zones, where the firm shows solutions in several “Experience Zones” that span vertical markets including healthcare, commercial, education and government.

In addition, HID Global executives are featured at several events throughout ISC West, including:

Brad Jarvis, vice president of product marketing, presents “Trends in Secure Identity Solutions: Findings, Analysis and Recommendations.” The primary research was based on a survey deployed and compiled by Chris Corum, editor and publisher of Avisian Inc., and provides an independent secure identity market study to look at business trends and related technology innovations such as virtual credentialing and security beyond hardware. This track session presentation will be held at 10:15 a.m. on Wednesday, March 24. 

Denis Hébert is a panelist in the Security Industry Association’s closing ISC West panel session, entitled, “The Look Ahead: Security Technology in the Next Decade,” at 4 p.m. on Thursday, March 25, 2010, in the Venetian, Room 502.


Lobby Security and Optical Turnstiles

In Booth 8125, Smarter Security Systems has a new Fastlane GlassGate 250 optical turnstile. “Since the introduction of our first GlassGate model four years ago, Smarter Security has strongly helped shape the speedgate industry,” says Jeff Brown. “GlassGate 250 has advantages in speed and footprint over the existing GlassGate models while maintaining the advanced security Fastlane promises. Given the market’s steady progression towards speedgates, we expect this more affordable option will be well received.”

The streamlined pedestals are compact, being only 48.3” long and 7.2” wide. The dual glass barriers are available in one height (36.2” from the floor) and open to be flush with the sides of the pedestals as they are shorter than the pedestal height. With the one-person-per-second speed of throughput, GlassGate 250 is optimal for high-traffic building lobbies. The design with glass on both sides of the pedestal may save customers space and money as fewer pedestals will be needed in some cases. In addition to the fast-acting glass barriers that serve as an obvious deterrent, intelligent Fastlane optical technology helps secure the lobby from tailgaters and unauthorized intruders.


Power Solutions plus UTP Transceiver Hubs

It’s a power play at the Altronix Booth 19077. An expanded product line features functionality for analog and networked systems, including NetWay mid-span PoE products, VertiLine rack mount power supplies, ReServ UPS solutions, SAV DC video surveillance power supplies, and the newly released HubWayEX Series of active UTP transceiver hubs. The latter hubs deliver video signal transmission for up to a mile. The new 16 and 32 port units allow for the transmission of groups of four video signals over CAT 5 cable with features that include automatic picture and gain control with video polarity compensation.  A single port unit is also available as well as models that provide integral isolated camera power.


Mini Dome Goes Megapixel; Sessions Stress IP Video Business Solutions

IQinVision, Megapixel Network Cameras in Booth 9125 and in IQeye e-Store Booth 3044 – At ISC West, the firm has a lot going on. It is showing an expanded line of mini dome cameras. IQeye Mini Dome - The original VGA, 1.3 MP, and 2.0 MP Mini Domes are now available in standard or vandal models with HD480p and HD720p H.264 MAIN profile options. IQinVision at EU03: Designing Video Surveillance Systems that Catch the Bad Guys, Wednesday, March 24, 2:45 pm- 4:45 pm, Room 206, with Paul Bodell, CMO. BU05: Building Business with IP Solutions, Thursday, March 25, 2:45 pm- 3:45 pm, Room 202, Paul Bodell, CMO. And in the PSIA "Plug Fest," Thursday, March 25, 3:00 pm, Sands Expo & Convention Center, Room 803.


March Madness – Purdue U Emphasizes Open Architecture PSIM

You can visit a success story involving Purdue University in Booth 8074. The university turned to the Ocularis DS video-centric physical security information management (PSIM) system from On-Net Surveillance Systems. And it’s a prideful part of the OnSSI presentation. Purdue chose Ocularis DS because its open architecture allows them to maintain the value of existing physical security investments at their 2,400-acre campus in West Lafayette, Ind. “OnSSI's open-architecture, scalable, non-proprietary PSIM system lets you integrate myriad cameras and other endpoint solutions into a unified client application facilitating the management and coordination of video and event information,” says Mark Willingham, systems engineer at SimplexGrinnell and integrator of the project. “What’s more, since Purdue is an engineering college, they pride themselves on choosing systems based on their engineering excellence, so Ocularis DS is a great fit.” Currently Purdue has about 100 Ocularis DS licenses and will be adding another 60 licenses shortly, with many more to follow as the system expands over the next several years. Purdue installed the Base system first to allow operators to get used to it and train on it. The scalability and Universal Camera Support feature of Ocularis DS simplify tying in additional systems over time.  The university has also upgraded three user workstations to take advantage of the Ocularis DS touch-screen capabilities, and they use the Ocularis VideoWall application. Ocularis DS saved Purdue money thanks to its ability to incorporate a range of related technologies into a single, centralized system. It combines the ability to record and manage video along with physical security, access control, video content analytics and other enterprise applications.


Better Key Management a Key Tech Advance

Morse Watchmans in Booth 18124 is demonstrating key management, asset control and guard tour solutions including a six-module horizontal cabinet, a locker module half the depth of the standard locker and several functionality upgrades for the KeyWatcher system. “Keeping keys and other valuables safe is an essential element in an organization’s overall security strategy,” says Fernando Pires of Morse Watchmans. The new six-module horizontal KeyWatcher system features a unique orientation (horizontal vs. vertical) of the standard six module system which allows users more flexibility in mounting options, such as under cabinets or on counter tops. It is designed with complete flexibility to integrate with all standard KeyWatcher modules as well as with six, eight and 16 location SmartKey modules, the Card/Credit Card modules and the single or dual Locker modules. The Single Locker Module is an addition to a line of solutions for storing valuable objects. Designed with a smaller footprint – half the depth of the standard locker - it can be used in a standard modular KeyWatcher system for holding documents, CDs, weapons, cell phones, etc.


A&E Consultant Program Gets Smarter, Stronger

DVTel in Booth #21077 has revamped its Architects and Engineer Program -- Bill Morehouse, director of the A&E Consultant Program, tells the ISC Show Daily that “DVTel understands how important this community is when selecting state-of-the art solutions.  DVTel is committed to providing the proper tools so that we can better serve consultants with their needs.” 

The updated A&E Program will consist of the following:

           Director dedicated to supporting the program

           A&E area on the website

           Resource Tools – hard and soft copy

           Series of seminars to be held around the US and Internationally

           Series of webinars about specific installations and technology

           White papers specific for the A&E community

DVTel’s iSOC solution is an end-to-end IP-based physical security solution and includes video surveillance, intelligent video analytics from ioimage and a full line of IP cameras and edge devices.   To see more, stop by booth #21077 at ISC West.


Seeing Value in PSIA Protocol

Videotec Security, a PSIA member, has actively worked to gain a thorough knowledge of the protocol. Now this common language has been successfully integrated within its ALBERT unit for video analytics. A prototype will be shown at the ISC West in Booth 23087. Visitors at Videotec’s stand can see and try the system to remotely control the PTZ telemetry through the PSIA protocol. They will also appreciate the surprisingly new way the ALBERT system helps operators to monitor a certain area. It is based on the smart cooperation between units, on advanced outdoor-oriented event detection, on the ease of configuration and use.


Fiber Optic Infrastructure Stresses Speed, Reliability

American Fibertek showcases IP, analog and hybrid systems in Booth 23117. Highlights include new video transceivers with features like 10-bit digital video transmission, integrated digital fiber optic and UTP transceivers, enhanced Ethernet transceivers, bi-directional communications, multi-channel capacity for video with data, Ethernet and audio with remote monitoring capabilities, as well as unique new contact closure systems that do not require any soldering.

“System designs from AFI that utilize fiber optic infrastructure will deliver the fastest and most reliable performance at an affordable price.” says Jack Fernandes of AFI. Among introductions: 46 Series - 3 port mini switches for hardened Ethernet communications. Using the latest in Ethernet switching technology, these units provide reliable hardened communications over a network. Each switch supports two copper and one fiber connection. All connections operate at 10/100Mb/s and allow transmission of more than 2 Km on multimode fiber cable. Field modules are 12 VDC and the power supplies are shipped with each module. Units can be supplied as single or dual fiber units. 48 Series - 3 port mini switches for hardened Ethernet communications. Using the latest in Ethernet switching technology, these units provide reliable hardened communications over a network. Each switch supports two copper and one fiber connection. All connections operate at triple speed 10/100/1000Mb/s and are self configurable. Units can be single mode or multimode and can be supplied as single or dual fiber units.


More Customized Controls in Mantrap Designs

There’s an open door at Dortronics Systems in Booth 11135. Along with introduction of a new 4700 Series Mantraps, the firm is highlighting specialty products that clearly demonstrate the company’s reputation for engineering efficiency and quality into their product designs and manufacturing. New to the marketplace is Dortronics’ 4700 Series Mantrap Control. For two

locked doors, or up to four unlocked doors, the 4700 series is for air locks, clean room environments and some of the most complex security mantraps. The built-in power supply provides a field selectable 12 or 24 VDC, which can also operate optional maglocks, door strikes or even LED indicators. Equipped with 6 digital inputs and 2 DPDT or SPDT outputs, the 4700 Series offers fully customizable sequencing and timing functionality.


Video Applications Expand in WAN and Wireless Solutions

It’s “time” for WAN Bandwidth Management at Booth 5038 for TimeSight Systems. Version 2.8 addresses applications in which the surveillance deployment requires rich, high definition for video monitoring or archiving in wireless or wide area network (WAN) environments.  Release 2.8 also provides enterprise-level failover capabilities for highly-sensitive security environments requiring high-availability architectures. The firm has expanded native support to include the bandwidth-optimized H.264 encoding standard to alleviate bandwidth concerns for wireless and WAN-deployed cameras. In addition, TimeSight Release 2.8 will allow Instant VLM (iVLM), the ability to have a real-time “split stream” of the camera’s data delivered in a bandwidth-optimized format both to a remote monitoring and recording system, while retaining a forensic-quality high resolution video stream locally. By applying VLM rules real-time as video is captured by either native H.264 or even legacy MJPEG camera streams, end users can finally realize the improved security profiles they desire despite limitations in network infrastructures.


Global Fire Market Regroups after 2009 Experiences

In its latest fire detection and suppression report, IMS Research estimates the global fire market to have declined by some -3.0% during 2009, with the market not set to recover to pre-recession growth rates until 2012.  As new construction starts began to decline late in 2008, slowdown in the fire industry was inevitable. Justin Siller, report author and analyst at IMS Research, comments, “The decline in sales of fire products lagged the general economic downturn. As new construction starts in 2006-2008 were completed, there remained opportunities for fire detection and suppression products. However, suppliers began to feel the true effects of the economic slowdown by the middle of 2009, with new construction activity grinding to a halt late in 2008 particularly in EMEA and the Americas. As new construction builds slowly recover over the next few years, IMS Research forecasts that fire equipment sales will follow suit.” Although the global economic recession has affected sales of fire products, a recovery is inevitable. Stricter legislation and advancement in technology, coupled with a rebound in new construction, are forecast to generate new opportunities in the fire industry. Siller continues, “Changes to fire regulations worldwide continue to impact the way in which fire detection and suppression equipment is used within buildings. Sales of voice enhanced alarms are set to thrive on the back of the newly released NFPA 72 mandate in the US, while recent amendment to China’s fire laws call for building owners to receive heftier and harsher penalties for buildings lacking proper fire equipment.”


Embedded Video Analytics Has People Counting App

Aimetis Corp., Booth 6053, has People Counter, an embedded video analytics software application. The application is for use with several Axis Communications network products. It tracks the bi-directional flow of objects as they pass a user defined boundary. The embedded Aimetis People Counter executes video analysis and reporting directly on IP video edge devices, eliminating bandwidth and hardware required for sending video data to a central server.


High Resolution H.264-Powered IP Cameras

The Nextiva S5000 Series of IP cameras from Verint Video Intelligence Solutions in Booth 25041 now includes fixed, indoor dome and outdoor vandal-resistant IP66 dome models and features resolutions from VGA to high-definition 2.0 megapixels to accommodate a wide range of video security requirements. Dual streaming and supported video compressions from H.264 to MJPEG and MPEG-4 help optimize use of valuable bandwidth and storage. The cameras can be configured using a Web browser interface or Nextiva Control Center, a centralized management portal.


Proximex Joins ArcSight CEF Program

In Booth 22026, Proximex, with presence in event and information management for the physical security market, used ISC West to say it has joined the ArcSight Common Event Format (CEF) program. As a member of the ArcSight CEF program, Proximex has developed an integration between its Proximex Surveillint physical security information management (PSIM) solution and ArcSight’s SIEM Platform. This development makes Surveillint the first PSIM solution to enable the ArcSight SIEM Platform to correlate events and information from physical security systems such as electronic access control and video surveillance with logical and/or network security systems to catch coordinated security attacks.


Extended Support for ONVIF Industry Standard Cameras

Avigilon, in Booth 19117, says an upcoming version of its Control Center, the company's HD surveillance software with high definition stream management, will support all third-party cameras that operate on the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard.  The upcoming release of the Avigilon Control Center is scheduled to be commercially available in Q2 2010. Established in 2008 by Axis Communications, Bosch Security Systems, and Sony Corporation, ONVIF is a global and open industry forum committed to the adoption of network video in the security market.


RISCO Group Says It Has Acquired Electronics Line 3000

RISCO Group Ltd., a global provider of end-to-end security solutions displaying in Booth 12075, has acquired Electronics Line 3000 Ltd., a supplier of wireless security and remote management systems serving mass residential and commercial markets. The acquisition, completed just days before ISC West, will further expand RISCO Group, Inc.’s range of products and integrated systems. “RISCO's intent is to maintain Electronics Line 3000's independent operations and product offerings and to grow the company to become the residential arm of RISCO Group, Inc. while expanding the product portfolio into video and management solutions together with major partners worldwide,” said Moshe Alkelai, RISCO Group Ltd. chairman and CEO.


Networked Security and Business Solutions Emphasized by Panasonic

Panasonic System Networks Company of America, recognizing the industry’s need for advanced telecommunications systems and the overall efficiency of video conferencing to supplement core security operations, is displaying its innovative new IP PBX Communication System, Color Touchscreen IP Phone, HD Visual Communications System and Point-of-Sale (POS) Workstation alongside the company’s latest video surveillance introductions in Booth 12041.

Business solutions on display include the new HD Visual Communications System that represents an evolution in real-time distance collaboration. Also featured is Panasonic’s new KX-TDE600 IP-PBX Communications Platform that supports a range of analog, digital and IP telephony devices, and is scalable from 24 to 1100 employees. Additionally, the new KX-NT400 IP Network Telephone has a 5.7-inch color touchscreen and provides access to Panasonic network cameras and business applications via intranet connection.