Bruce McIndoe, president of iJET Intelligence Risk Systems, says that “while companies may be looking at places to cut back, it’s also the time for security to take a proactive approach and band together and share with human resources, risk management, IT and others.” McIndoe stresses evaluation and analysis.


·         Travel risk management

·         Asset risk management

·         Supply chain risk management

·         Resiliency policies and practices


·         Current, potential future challenges

·         Your program compared to industry peers, standards

·         Successes to build upon, failures to correct

·         Next steps to take

Carey Boethel, vice president, security solutions at Siemens Industry Building Technologies div., observes that the biggest mistake security can make is to think that business-threatening disasters “can’t happen to you.”

Don’t forget to:

·         Take a holistic view of building technologies

·         Have a comprehensive preventive maintenance program

·         Backup security data routinely

·         Store critical security data off-site

·         Create and test a mass notification system

·         Protect HVAC systems

·         Prioritize before, during and after events

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