The computer security consultants who have predicted that cybertheft will target them are right. eSecurity Planet just reported that the latest victim is Clarke Collision Center, an auto body shop in Hudson, Ohio. According to [the] owner of Kintz Tech, a local security consulting company that responded to the incident, on Feb. 23 an employee of the victim firm noticed something strange when she went to log in to the company’s online bank accounts: The site said the bank’s system was down for maintenance. “The page she was sent to even included a 1-800 number supposedly for the bank’s customer service line,” the researcher writes. “[The owner] said the woman called that number, but quickly found that it was not in service. When the employee looked up the real customer service number for the bank and called to complain about the suspicious activity, she learned that there had just been a large number of wires and money transfers out of the company’s accounts to individuals in the United States and overseas, [the owner] said.”

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