The firm’s portal has been enhanced with valuable information and tools. The aim: customers can become more autonomous in accessing the information they need, exactly when they need it. A few new additions to the GTAP include a case management system, a self-serve system management tool, an open-discussion forum and a list of available hot fixes. The new GTAP is equipped to provide users with more independence when managing their Genetec systems and technical support activity. With the new case management system, for example, clients are now able to monitor all activity with technical support, see what progress was made and know exactly what the status is at that point in time. Users can also manage cases, close some that have been rectified and open new ones by making the request directly online.

Additionally, the GTAP’s new system management tool gives users the ability to organize their software licenses as they see fit, allowing for the possibility to quickly download purchased licenses or to upgrade licenses at any given point with a valid SMA. For customers who have large geographically dispersed systems, the system management tool also allows them to rename licenses according to their own preferences, making it easier to identify and manage multiple licenses.

Secura Key’s e*ACCESS kits contain everything you need to install a two-door access control system – just add door locks and cabling.

These two new e*ACCESS5 and e*ACCESS6 “Starter Kits” are provided without cards, allowing a dealer to custom order credentials, in cases where the 25-pack of ISO cards with standard artwork is not appropriate. Kits 5 and 6 are for keytags or those who need cards with no printing, custom printing, or a specific facility code or numbering.