Empasis on New Tech

It's Disneyland-like in Anaheim after reviewing first-day booth displays showing off products, systems and services. Check out this over-night report of selected firms. There's more in previous Zalud's Blog, too. Not at ASIS? Search the Security Magazine Web for company contents.

HID Global Software for Next Gen Access Platform in Booth 2919

The EdgeDeveloper Kit, a key tool for development to Edge Evo, is the next generation of HID’s access control platform. To streamline development, EdgeDeveloper is an all-encompassing developer kit that includes plug-andplay hardware, enhanced API and critical documentation. By providing these tools, developers can test a wide spectrum of actual use case scenarios to create visionary applications on HID’s Edge platform.

Developers using the EdgeDeveloper Kit are able to take advantage of enhanced security and versatility supported by the new Edge Evo platform. These include:

• Broad support of locking hardware through 12/24V selectable outputs

• Enhanced flexibility through input/output add-on modules

• Increased security with 2-reader application support

• Robust system performance through expanded transaction storage

• Plug-n-play installation and high security communication with Hi-O-connected devices

• Thin form factor for cost-effective installation in almost any environment

HID Global in Booth 2919


Emergency Planning and Preparedness in SimplexGrinnell Booth 3709

Attendees can get an inside look at the layered, multi-technology solutions the company provides for critical locations such as universities, elementary schools and corporate campuses. The integrated solutions that SimplexGrinnell provides can include:

Interior voice systems driven by the advanced Simplex 4100U fire alarm platform.

Exterior voice, visual notification and personal notification. The SimplexGrinnell solutions portfolio includes Simplex TrueAlert® Emergency Visual Messaging Display Units; Cooper Notification’s WAVES (Wireless Audio Visual Emergency System) and RSAN (Roam Secure Alert Network), a high-speed text and voice alerting system; and American Signal Corporation exterior voice systems.

Fully integrated incident management platform that includes fire alarm, voice, access control, video and other critical life-safety applications.

SimplexGrinnell in Booth 3709


180 degree Camera Design in Scallop Imaging Booth 3935

The Digital Window D7-180 security camera streams and records in seven megapixel high resolution throughout its 180 degree field of view, without fisheye distortion. Digital Window distributes this imaging task across five powerful microsensors, providing an extraordinary increase in capability, at lower cost, and lower bandwidth requirements than traditional IP video cameras, according to the company.

The camera’s embedded CPUs process over 100 megapixels per second, synthesizing image data into a seamless, 180 degree field of view. Through its embedded web server, it services connection requests and provides three simultaneous video streams:

      A constant 180 degree view, without any fisheye distortion, at 15 fps;

      A high resolution, 15 fps detail window that is instantly repositionable; and

      A full seven megapixel, 180 degree video stream at one fps for storage and later review.

Scallop Imaging at Booth 3935


Check Out Enhanced Video in March Networks Booth 2865

Its VideoSphere Intelligent Video Management uses Shadow Archiving feature which allows users to remotely access video recorded on MegaPX IP cameras with SiteManager desktop application software. This not only simplifies access to video stored at the network edge, but also enhances system redundancy by protecting against periodic network loss. In the case of a network outage, for example, video recorded on the integrated SD cards is automatically identified by the VMS for convenient downloading. Shadow Archiving eliminates the need to extract video from the cameras manually or to switch to a different software application to retrieve the data.

March Networks in Booth 2865


HDTV Quality and 18x Zoom Network Camera from Axis Booth 1839

The AXIS P5534 PTZ Dome Network Camera, its highest video quality pan/tilt/zoom camera with HDTV performance and 18x zoom for indoor surveillance applications, together with an IP51-rated protection against dust and dripping water, is ideal for use at airports, train stations, warehouses, shops and schools. The AXIS P5534 Network Camera offers HDTV 720p in compliance with the SMPTE 296M standard of 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, full frame rate, high color fidelity and a 16:9 format. The network camera can deliver multiple, individually configurable H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams simultaneously.

Axis Communications at Booth 1839


GVI Security Solutions Cameras in Booth 1509

The display features the complete Samsung Electronics line of products including AutoIP Video Management Systems (VMS) software and the 43X zoom A1 Chip color cameras. With fully automatic configuration and setup, AutoIP automatically detects, configures and records installed network cameras and makes installation simple across a broad range of applications including schools, financial institutions and retail chains.

GVI Security Solutions in Booth 1509


In Lenel Booth 2249, GuardallVision Standalone Digital Video Recorder

Lenel Systems International has announced the launch of GuardallVision, a price competitive line of standalone digital video recorders (DVR) that delivers advanced video functionality in a fully customizable, simple-to-use and scalable package. Developed for security installations of any size, GuardallVision combines the benefits of high-quality video with the power and convenience of embedded real time analytics. Analytics include object detection, loitering, object left behind, object crosses a region, smart motion detection and invalid camera. With capacity for up to 16 video channels, live recording at up to 30 frames per second, and as much as four terabytes of redundant onboard video storage, GuardallVision supports effortless monitoring and maintenance of multiple DVRs. A number of recording modes, such as continuous, event-driven, motion-detected, and scheduled, are fully supported and come standard in the DVR. To support video archival, GuardallVision can export the data to a variety of external storage devices, including USB-enabled and eSATA drives, and high-capacity DVD writers.

Lenel in Booth 2249


Behavioral-based Video Surveillance in BRS Labs Booth 601

It leverages cognitive reasoning, and processes visual data on a level similar to the human brain. BRS Labs has created a paradigm-shifting technology it calls Behavioral Analytics, according to the company. It uses cognitive reasoning, much like the human brain, to process visual data and to identify criminal and terroristic activities. Built on a multi-patented framework of cognitive learning engines and computer vision, BRS' AISight, provides the world's first fully automated, easily scalable surveillance solution that analyzes behavioral patterns, activities and scene content without the need for human training, setup, or programming. 

BRS Labs at Booth 601