Just got this news -- Genetec, a provider of IP security solutions, has released Synergis 2.1, the latest version of its IP access control security solution. This new version of Synergis includes enhancements to a number of existing features such as the Badge Designer, the Audit Trails module, and the Import Tool. The new additions were designed based on the needs expressed by real-life users, contributing to facilitated deployment, increased operational productivity and reduction of maintenance costs.

The most significant addition to Synergis 2.1 is the enhancement of the Badge Designer feature which now supports additional barcode formats for broader application needs. Customers will also be able to take advantage of new editing features, such as more advanced picture cropping capabilities as well as the ability to export pictures, all geared towards making the management of cardholder pictures and the production of badges as efficient and flexible as possible.

The Import Tool, which helps users efficiently import existing cardholder and credential information into the Synergis database, has also been improved with automatic picture size reduction so as to minimize the impact on storage of larger photos. Finally, the Synergis 2.1 Audit Trail feature has been augmented to include support for tracking changes to custom fields so that customers can get a concise overview of all the modifications that have been made to cardholder information.

“These enhancements will have a positive impact on our customers’ security applications in that they will be able to use superior functionalities of Synergis to increase their levels of productivity,” says Jimmy Palatsoukas, Product Manager of Synergis IP Access Control Solution at Genetec. “Sometimes it is the slightest improvements in an advanced solution that will make the greatest difference in real-life applications, and this is certainly the case with Synergis 2.1.”