VidSys, the provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software that allows organizations to resolve business and security situations in real time, has a partnership with Harris Stratex Networks, Inc., a specialist in backhaul solutions for mobility and broadband networks. Under the terms of this agreement, Harris Stratex will utilize the VidSys RiskShield and Open PSIM Platform for remote cell site infrastructure protection in under- and newly-developed areas of the globe.

“We see significant demand in some parts of the globe for solutions to secure energy related assets at the cell site premises,” said Saswata Basu, General Manager, Energy & Security Solutions, Harris Stratex Networks. “The VidSys platform, when integrated with our ProVision® and Netboss® network management platforms, enables us to be the first to bring a scalable platform to manage energy, network, access control and security aspects of cell sites. Generator, fuel, and copper theft are recurrent problems, especially in Africa, and our partnership with Vidsys complements our comprehensive energy and security offering for cell sites.”  

Together, VidSys and Harris Stratex will target the cell site market by offering a joint solution focused on infrastructure protection, specifically in underdeveloped areas of the globe. Frequently, these newly connected areas have skipped the wired-telecommunications phase, and gone directly to cellular communications. By incorporating the VidSys PSIM software system, which enables the integration, analysis and organization of any number and type of sensors, security devices and systems, the partnership will allow cellular operators to ensure that their investment in physical assets is effectively monitored and protected.

“Harris Stratex is addressing a vast market opportunity – as such, VidSys is pleased to be involved with such a critical aspect of its cell site solution,” said Eric Sansonetti, vice president, worldwide sales, at VidSys. “This global partnership demonstrates how our RiskShield product and Open PSIM Platform integrates into a variety of environments, helping companies like Harris Stratex mitigate risk, manage situations and protect valuable assets.”