Zalud’s Blog just got word that GE Security’s Itemiser DX desktop explosives trace-detection equipment has successfully completed the TSA certification process in the DHS Transportation Security Laboratory, as well as extensive operational testing in a live airport environment. As the latest GE trace detector to receive TSA certification, the Itemiser DX provides effective threat substance identification, including even the most complex explosive substances from a single sample.

GE Security’s detector simultaneously analyzes both positive and negative ions, which allows for the ultimate explosive contraband detection. Similar in appearance to the GE Itemiser3, this trace detector was designed to be more sensitive and can identify a larger number of threat substances. The Itemiser DX uses advanced trace technology and provides results in seconds where other methods, particularly those that rely on visual detection, may take longer or at times fail. 

The Itemiser DX comes in a small, compact package with folding touch screen and easy-carrying handle, coupled with a 60-minute battery backup, allowing users to relocate quickly with minimal startup times. Easy navigation through the touch screen automatically saves test results and allows for immediate printing, while automated calibration helps assure operational accuracy.

Based on Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer (ITMS®) technology, the Itemiser DX detects controlled and/or threat substances quickly and more accurately. For more information regarding this detector, please visit or call 1-888-437-3287.