INPUT has released the industry’s first in-depth analysis of market opportunities resulting from the recent economic stimulus legislation. INPUT’s comprehensive economic stimulus information suite is designed to help companies expedite strategies and tactics to win new federal, state and local government business. The INPUT economic stimulus suite includes an in-depth analysis report, discrete federal agency and state and local government reports, and a database with over 340 discretionary spending initiatives, totaling more than $311 billion, from 29 federal agencies.

Economic stimulus appropriations total $787.2 billion, with funding in technology, science and research, infrastructure improvements, education, energy, healthcare and training. The legislation that was signed into law by President Obama last month (formally known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) provides massive opportunities for companies currently doing, or seeking to do, business with federal, state and local governments.

INPUT has closely analyzed the economic stimulus package, including all elements of the related law, to identify and to distill the relevant information for companies seeking a complete understanding of the opportunities this legislation presents. INPUT’s new in-depth suite synthesizes economic stimulus law and provisioning mandates with relevant, immediately actionable insights for businesses across a wide variety of industries.

“The final bill totaled over 2,500 pages with nearly $800 billion in appropriations. In the midst of that complexity, time for assessment is short since spending provisions require agencies to have projects under way within 30 to 120 days of enactment, compressing business development timelines that are normally two to three years long. Clearly, businesses require a way to fast-track their strategies and tactics to go after this vast pool of new government business,” says Tim Dowd, chief executive officer for INPUT. “No organization is better positioned than INPUT to provide stimulus insight and analysis services to businesses. INPUT’s in-depth analysis and proprietary economic stimulus database will help companies jump-start their business development plans into actionable tactics,” Dowd said.

INPUT’s analysis identifies $60 billion in new federal government technology-related spending and $5.7 billion in state and local government technology spending. Over 100 new and existing grants and other assistance programs for state and local governments will receive funding from the economic stimulus bill. INPUT’s in-depth economic stimulus suite includes analysis, reports and database services detailing how business opportunities align with spending initiatives.