One of the great do-it-yourself (DIY) projects of the 1950’s was the home bomb shelter. Thankfully, these were never needed, but the Cold War years proved the resilience and the initiative of the American DIY’er. When confronted with a peril and a clear, present danger to their families and way of life, many Americans were quite willing to buy the bomb shelter building plans and have at it. It’s part of our can-do spirit.

The Internet is perhaps today’s best expression of that can-do spirit, and while there are certainly some continuing threats of nuclear attack (much smaller-scale from much smaller enemies), the main focus of self-defense has turned to family, home, property and business. The technology of surveillance and security have advanced at the same pace as computing and communications, making today truly the Golden Age for security camera DIYers.

Today, the web is full of sites, RSS feeds and subscription e-letters that are aimed at the growing number of DIY’ers in the business community, a number that should certainly continue to grow over the coming years of economic “restructuring. Another motivating factor in tough times is the desire to protect oneself against theft and vandalism since, in a falling economy, just holding steady can be a part of a winning formula. Interestingly, just being a purveyor of information, and not even selling the items for which the DIY manuals are written, has become a winning formula for some websites.

DIY security on the web

There are literally scores of websites –,,,, etc., etc. – dishing out the info on how to protect your home or business. Then, too, there are plenty of websites selling the actual products, and many are linked to the foregoing info sites. And although a few firms have tried to be both – a sales site as well as a neutral, helpful DIY advocate – none has succeeded quite as well as EZWatch Pro.

The EZWatch Pro family of websites, starting with, has everything motivated business people need to protect their investments, as well as their employees. From single-camera systems to a network of 16 or 32 PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) devices, everything is right there in one place – along with the best instructions available. But what really makes it all work is personal attention from one of the industry’s largest, and arguably its most expert, customer service staff.

It all starts with the order process, where the customer service representatives will guide buyers through the selection phase if they so desire. All of the company’s representatives are fully trained in the product line, with special attention on setup, product applications, troubleshooting and maintenance. From small storefronts to major international airports, there is an EZWatch Pro solution to meet any and every residential, business, commercial and government security challenge. One visit to will suffice to make a believer of anyone. More information at