For a detailed overview of an optimized WLAN architecture that is available today and will deliver on the promise of 802.11n, download the complimentary whitepaper "802.11n Drives an Architectural Evolution." It's available right now courtesy of HP Procurve via IDG Connect.

Today’s enterprises deploy wireless LANs (WLANs) as a standard business tool to drive productivity and enhance collaboration.

Enter the state-of-the-art WLAN—802.11n. Organizations can expand their wireless capabilities with this expanding technology to dramatically boost network capacity and speed—up to 600 Mbps. There are major implications as to how organizations will use and implement wireless networks moving forward. Contrast this with the 54 Mbps of 802.11a/g networks or the 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet. This extra capacity and speed will allow organizations upgrading to 802.11n to expand the range of applications mobilized over wireless networks, including both existing and ground-breaking high-bandwidth applications, which may help to streamline business processes and foster corporate competitive advantage.