AES-IntelliNet tells Zalud’s Blog about its introduction of what will be its UL 864 Edition 9 listed, NFPA-72 compliant Fire Subscriber units. While adhering to the Fire industry's move to support NFPA 864 Ed. 9 requirements, the new products are designed for communicating fire alarms via the AES-IntelliNet wireless mesh networks. They are to be the replacement for the current UL 864 Edition 8 compliant fire subscriber products - AES-7750F-4x4 and the 7750F-8. The AES 7744 and 7788 products will be ready for shipment beginning in January 2009.

According to Michael Sherman, President and CEO of AES Corporation, "In addition to being designed to meet the UL 864 Edition 9 standards, they are a technical upgrade of the legacy of the 7750F-4x4 and 7750F-8 products and a summation of user and dealer suggestions, ideas and concepts learned from our substantial installed base. Some of the upgrades include built-in isolator power supplies, all inputs and end of line reversing voltage inputs, and the latest static insensitive hi-voltage inputs."

The AES-IntelliNet's alarm system is a self healing, long range wireless mesh radio communication network and works in conjunction with the Internet to provide customers the ability to monitor alarms in multiple regions from one location, without recurring monthly communications costs or infrastructure fees typically associated with remote monitoring. The AES-IntelliNet mesh network also offers a more reliable, faster means of communicating alarm signals to central monitoring stations without relying on telephone lines or cellular services that are vulnerable to line cuts, weather conditions, radio jamming, and recurring monthly costs.