Zalud’s Blog was just touring the CSC Web site at and got a lot of information out of it.

Way back when, CSC started as a communications provider, but it now offers end-users its expertise, training and access to its local inventory, which includes

solutions from over 90 of the world’s most innovative manufacturer’s of physical

security products.

You have access to our full-line security solutions by calling any of our nationwide CSC locations for information about:

IP Video Surveillance

IP Wireless Video Surveillance


Cameras & Lenses



Housings & Mounting Equipment

Controllers & Switches

CCTV Power Supplies and Surge Protection

Access Control Solutions

The CSC Web site also has spotlights on new technology.

The latest: Network Mini-dome Cameras With ExwavePRO Technology and Resolution up to 1.3 Megapixels from Sony.

Megapixel cameras can be remarkably scared of the dark. Because their resolution comes at the cost of poor low light performance. To compensate, some rely on slow shutter speeds which produce severe motion blur. Sony Security Systems’ megapixel camera line carefully balances megapixel resolution with the super sensitivity of their Exwavepro sensor and light funneling, according to the CSC site.