The experts that Zalud’s Blog talked with at ASIS last week were both excited and cautious about the megapixel rush. Sony showed off a comparison of different levels of megapixel day-nights. And the images showed off Sony’s tech strengths and proved a warning when buying megapixel cameras from some others. Some big wigs at the show talked about 5 megapixel cameras. More typical were those in the 1.3 or so range such as one from JVC.

Its new VN-X35U IP security camera offers real-time image scaling from VGA to QUAD VGA, without affecting the viewing angle, allowing users to conserve bandwidth with VGA images, yet benefit from megapixel resolution when needed.

Education, retail, government, law enforcement and other users that require the highest resolution will also benefit from such an ability to digitally zoom in on the recorded image to provide precise image detail in any conditions day or night.

A full motion multi-stream codec delivers both JPEG and MPEG-4 streams simultaneously at 15 frames per second. In addition, bi-directional audio with built-in microphone and speaker jacks, provides not only audio information necessary for forensic evaluation purposes, but the ability to communicate with people at the camera's location. With QUAD-VGA resolution, up to four times the area can be monitored so fewer cameras are required for surveillance, claimed JVC.