Security Magazine’s September print issue featured a cover story on Innovations and Technologies and, among those spotlighted, was cloud computing in which end-users who previously bought hardware and software now go to services in the Internet clouds to get and use growingly sophisticated services. A case in point: Zalud’s Blog visit to Stanley Convergent Security Solutions at ASIS.

The company introduced three new eServices: eAccessManager, eVideo Audit and eVideo Live. “Unlike much of the alarm industry, Stanley’s eServices are real-time, online and 100 percent integrated into the Stanley single business IT platform for a robust connection to data and information. As most customers access their eServices on a weekly, if not daily, basis, these advanced services are often cited by customers as one of the top three reasons they do business with Stanley,” says Felix Gonzales, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Business Development for Stanley Convergent Security Solutions.

eAccessManager, a web-based remote managed access control service provided by Stanley’s ProtectionNet Customer Service Center, provides door and holiday scheduling, card management and photo ID badging, as well as standard and custom reporting. eAccessManager is ideal for Stanley customers who want all the benefits of access control for their facility, without the hassle of managing, maintaining and staffing the administration of the system.

eVideo Audit, web-based video auditing service provided by Stanley’s ProtectionNet Customer Service Center, confirms business processes with video audits, immediate notification and online pass/fail reports. eVideo Audit allows users to focus time on customers and business, letting Stanley ensure that all of locations adhere to a company’s unique business practices and standards.

eVideo Live, a web-based video portal, allows customers to view cameras live, view and retrieve recorded videos from their DVR, all from Stanley’s secure, convenient and proven eServices web portal. eVideo Live is ideal for Stanley customers who want a more convenient and powerful means to access their video system.