Generate RMR providing easy to install Internet video access The integrated plug-in EOP (Ethernet over power) system provides an easily installed means of generating added RMR by offering new or existing accounts remote video surveillance. With the system, consumers can:
•  Look in on their home or business anytime, anywhere using any PC or web-enabled cellphone.
•  Use pixel-based motion detection to trigger video clip storage for review in progress or later.
Motion detection can be set and time-scheduled by the consumer, so that motion in a given area of the cameras’ field of view will automatically trigger a video record of that event. For example, a child returning from school is detected moving through the front door and video is recorded. Also, an email alert can be sent to a PC or cellphone.
VGA high-resolution camera uses ethernet over power technology for plug-and-play, speedy installs
To eliminate traditional camera wiring, iSee Video eop kits use two Homeplug ethernet-over-power modules. They simply plug into a standard electrical outlet, transformer-style, and use the existing power lines of a home or business to transmit the cameras’ video signals. One Homeplug is connected to the camera wire; likewise, a second EOP homeplug is connected to the iSee Video G-Box, which is also plugged into the customers’ modem. The G-Box automatically data-port forwards the video data for streaming on the internet.
Together the Homeplugs create a powerline network transmitting the video signals at up to 200 megabits per second, across the phases of typical residential multiphase power systems to the internet. (Up to four cameras are supported per system).
Kits come with 12 month server access
Reliable account access allows accounts to look-in on their premises anytime, anywhere. The kit includes 12 months account access which provides:
•  Password-protected video, available for live, online viewing 24/7
•  Access to the Napco video server to view video stored in their personal archive by triggered motion-detection events with time-/date-stamp.
•  50 MB of scalable storage per account, allowing the archiving of approximately (75) 10 second video clips (pre motion-triggered event; post motion-triggered event) per camera account with upgrades available.
 Log in screen and account management tools
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