The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is one of the busiest airports in the world. It handles thousands of domestic and international flights each year and hosts countless visitors.

With security concerns at an all-time high, the surveillance system is crucial for public safety. The 24-hour surveillance system has hundreds of fixed or zoom cameras sprawled throughout the airport in parking structures, security checkpoints, terminals, pre-boarding areas, hangars, entry points and other locations.  

This network of video signals running throughout the airport was costly to maintain with the pre-existing coaxial cables communications that were in place. Looking to reduce costs while increasing functionality, officials laid single-mode fiber throughout the immense airport. EMCORE was selected to provide the links from the multiple cameras to the screening rooms.

Now, camera feeds from taxi stands to parking structures; terminals to tarmacs are routed to the main police dispatch station. Greater video detail and remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom operations give security officers the tools they need in order to evaluate suspicious behavior, report medical emergencies, control crowds and dispatch officers. EMCORE met all the functional requirements and exceeded the technical requirements for the project. Hardware is more rugged for increased security and LAX travelers are safer with a system that is more flexible and expandable for future growth.