Intransa, the maker of shared, scalable and simple external IP storage solutions for video and IT customer needs, told Zalud’s Blog that it has been named by StorageSearch as one of the fastest growing storage companies in the country. As the only video surveillance storage vendor to make the StorageSearch list of the twenty fastest growing storage companies, Intransa’s strong traction, innovative technology and success in the market are continuing to gain industry-wide recognition. In addition to being named the second fastest growing iSCSI vendor and the fourth fastest growing company overall of the twenty named to StorageSearch’s list of Fastest Growing Storage companies, Intransa was recently recognized by SecurityDreamer as a ‘Best in Show’ vendor at ISC West, the premier physical security industry event.

"Intransa is honored to be among an elite list of companies to be named to StorageSearch Fastest Growing Storage companies,” said Jeff Whitney, vice president of marketing for Intransa. “Intransa’s innovative, scalable and simple IP SANs have been specifically designed for the video surveillance industry, and the fact our products can enhance and extend the life of the video surveillance systems that are currently in place is resonating with customers.”

The Intransa IP storage solution is flexible and upgradeable and allows customers to add more storage capacity, supporting longer storage periods and cameras. Intransa’s external storage solutions are Security-Grade IP Video Storage Certified to integrate with more than 40 physical security vendor’s products plus those of more than 35 IT vendors. In addition, the affordable IP storage systems allow for modular growth from 4Tb to 1,500Tb of RAID protected IP storage.

“Our growth rate is proof that by using Intransa's scalable, security-grade IP storage for video surveillance applications customers are seeing the benefits of increased surveillance reliability and lower costs,” added Whitney. “In addition customers are able to deploy more cameras with much longer retention periods while using Intransa IP storage to run other security or IT applications simultaneously, making this a system they can continue to use well into the future.”