Meridian Technologies continues to expand its high-performance, high-level security products with its new all-optical, 2-channel fiber protection switch. This product is packaged as a standard Meridian 1-slot card that fits in their standard rack frames or can be easily converted to a stand-alone module. 

Designed for mission-critical applications such as homeland security, military, defense, perimeter security, broadcast etc. this card provides an automatic, seamless switch between two redundant fibers in the event that the main fiber path were to be compromised. Being an all-optical switch, the signal stays in the optical domain for high reliability high performance operation. As an all-optical element, it is signal type agnostic and can switch any video, audio or data optical signal giving it the highest level of versatility available.

The switch continuously monitors the signal on each input fiber and will provide an external alarm in the event that one of these fibers has been interrupted. Upon detecting a signal loss, the switch will automatically switch to a known good fiber. In addition to its automatic mode, it can also be manually controlled for added flexibility and system-level testing. Coupled with Meridian’s SpectraSmart network management system, this product can be configured and monitored to meet the most rigorous demands of your network as well as remotely monitor the switch’s operating and alarm status.

Michael Barry, Managing Director at Meridian states that “Meridian is committed to provide high quality products for the security & broadcast markets. This product illustrates our understanding and response to the nature of mission-critical systems and applications.” In a company announcement, Mr. Barry continues “… Meridian continues to work closely with key customers to better understand the needs both for themselves and the markets in general and responds accordingly as these needs evolve. We will continue to expand this product family with feature-rich products that separate Meridian from our competition and offer our customers the experience and advantages of Meridian engineering”. 

Applications include perimeter security, broadcast transmission, airports, launch pad monitor, power plant security, among others.

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About Meridian Technologies

Meridian Technologies provides fiber optic transmission products for a variety of security, surveillance and access control applications. Established in 1990, Meridian is a recognized leader in fiber optic communications equipment and has provided equipment solutions for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, government and military customers both domestic and international.