JVC Professional Products Company appoints Hajime Yamasaki as vice president of JVC’s security division. In his new role, Yamasaki will oversee product strategy and planning as well as sales and marketing activities of JVC’s security division.

“Yamasaki has been an extremely valuable asset throughout his 20-year career at JVC. His dedication to JVC and the JVC brand is evident in the work he that produces,” said Robert Mueller, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, JVC Professional Products Company. "The appointment of Mr. Yamasaki is a reflection of our growth in the security market. His expertise in the security industry and knowledge of the company will help greater expand our footprint in the security arena."

Since October 2005, Mr. Yamasaki served as general manager of the Professional Systems Business Group, Overseas Sales & Marketing Department for Victor Company of Japan Ltd., the parent company of JVC Professional Products. In this position, Mr. Yamasaki was responsible for short-and long-term objectives for sales procedures to obtain optimum efficiency and profitability for the security system business. In addition, he established product planning of and strategy for security systems for the global marketplace as well as managing the sales and marketing activities.

“I am honored to accept this latest challenge in my career,” said Mr. Yamasaki. “Few people can say that they have had the privilege of working for one company their entire career, and I am pleased to say that I am one of them. I look forward to bringing our security cameras and products to the forefront of the industry.”

Since joining Victor Company of Japan Ltd. in 1984, Mr. Yamasaki has held numerous positions within JVC such as Assistant Manager of Marketing Operations, Sales and Marketing Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, JVC Professional Products (U.K.) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. in UK.