Zalud’s Blog has learned that American Fibertek, Inc. (AFI) has made it easier for architects and engineers, system integrators and those applications such as retail and fast food, to design, implement and install ready to go IP video security and surveillance systems with the introduction of six new V’nes (Video Network Enterprise Solution) packaged systems. The packages are designed for 8, 16 and 24 camera solutions and help address the most common challenges faced when designing a new IP-based system, or when migrating from an analog to a digital or hybrid video and security surveillance system.

Each of the packages features AFI’s advanced Director Servers with fast dual core Intel processors and 3GB of memory. Additionally, AFI’s Pilot Management Software is pre-installed and can further be customized for alarms and reactions. The embedded Commander IP Communication Center provides network switching; environmental, power and bandwidth monitoring; and interfaces for access control and POS (point of sale) systems.  

“Our new packaged systems offer a significant convenience factor by pre-assembling the various components into a self-contained, completely configured system,” said Neil Heller, Director of New Business Development, American Fibertek. “Only the cameras need to be added and because of our open path functionality, most types of video surveillance camera can be used including IP, analog or megapixel.”

The Pilot Series Management Software delivers total control of video, data and voice. This fully-featured software includes site mapping, cascading server operation, client to client communication, VoIP (voice over IP), data integration, and redundant server back up and its unique alarm profile generator allows for the custom programming of thousands of alarm conditions with specific responses.

The Commander Series IP Communications Hub and Network Switch is multi-functional in its purpose. It is an environmentally hardened IP communications center wrapped around a 10-port network switch that offers environmental monitoring, bi-directional RS232/485 communications, self-monitoring, pop-up alerts, alarm notifications, logging, polling and network management with interactive searches. In addition, Commander alerts users when video bandwidth drops so they can monitor and preserve the integrity of their video signals.

Additionally, each package includes a self-contained rack mountable AFI Director Series Server (DSS series) with completely embedded and configured Pilot software, a power probe for voltage, frequency and wattage and a keyboard and mouse. Each kit is also complete with the all hardware necessary for rack mounting.

With up to 24 channels, the V’nes packages can be split to cover up to three separate location operations. For example, 16-channel systems can be positioned in two different locations, while 24-channels can be housed in three different places. V’nes Packages are available with and without a 512MB dual memory graphics card, allowing it to operate as a server/client in one self-contained unit. As well, when used with a dual monitor card, providing the ability to operate as a single client/server solution.

The V’nes standardized network transmission product line-up of software and hardware appliances is the industry’s only comprehensive security network system control, management and transmission system solution. As part of AFI’s Open Path solutions, these packages can accommodate any combination of video surveillance, access control, point of sale, voice and data system devices, analog, IP or hybrid, from virtually any manufacturer. For more information call 877-234-7200, e-mail , or visit