Zalud’s Blog has learned that Codebench Inc. has released the PIVCheck Product Suite, an HSPD-12 compliant cardholder validation solution for automated physical access control system (PACS) enrollment and certificate management.

Using PIVCheck Plus to tie a TWIC or PIV credential to a PACS badge, end-users may continue to utilize their PACS badges for access, while their PIV or TWIC certificates are checked for revocation. If PIVCheck Certificate Manager finds a revoked certificate, the cardholder’s PACS badge can be automatically suspended. This important feature leverages the already existing PACS infrastructure and supports it with certificate management.

“The PIVCheck Product Suite will change the paradigm that PIV and TWIC compliance has to be complicated and costly,” said Geri Castaldo, chief executive officer of Codebench. “PIVCheck Plus gives facility operators the flexibility to migrate to PIV-enabled readers over time, or to not migrate at all.”

PIVCheck Plus does not require a connection to, or the cost of, an identity management system to be able to import card data into a PACS. Because PIV and TWIC cards contain all of the data needed for enrollment, once those cards are validated and authenticated, importing the information is as simple as clicking “OK”.

Available in mobile and desktop versions, PIVCheck enables HSPD-12 and FIPS 201-compliant validation of PIV, TWIC or NG CAC cards in real time. In developing PIVCheck Mobile, Codebench partnered with Datastrip Inc., a world-leading provider of field-proven mobile identification and verification technology. Datastrip’s DSV2+TURBO® handheld biometric terminal operates with commercial off-the-shelf FIPS 201 PIV-II and ANSI INCITS 378-compliant fingerprint capture devices.

The PIVCheck Product Suite consists of the following products:

PIVCheck Mobile Edition is a handheld hardware and software solution with ethernet, WiFi and GSM connectivity that checks a cardholder’s PIN, fingerprint biometric and digital certificates. Digital certificates can be verified using an OCSP Responder, Certificate Authority or TSA Hot List. Utilizing a simple, graphical user interface and a centralized configuration manager for large-scale deployments, PIVCheck Mobile is intuitive and easy to use.

PIVCheck Desktop Edition is a software solution that is deployed on a PC or laptop and uses USB-based compatible fingerprint and smart card readers. PIVCheck Desktop has the same look, feel and functionality as PIVCheck Mobile.

PIVCheck Audit Trail enables mobile biometric terminals running PIVCheck Mobile or PCs running PIVCheck Desktop to upload their activity logs to a central database for consolidated activity reporting. Exporting cardholder transaction audit trails to a CSV file, PIVCheck Audit Trail supports MS SQL server, or any ODBC- or ADO-compliant database.

PIVCheck Plus Mobile Edition or PIVCheck Plus Desktop Edition features all of the functionality of PIVCheck with the additional capability of automated enrollment of FASC-N, photo and printed information into compatible PACS. PIVCheck Plus can update a cardholder record if it already exists in the PACS, or insert a new record if one does not exist. If there is no network connectivity, cardholder records may be encrypted and cached on the Datastrip for revalidation and batch import at a later time. PIVCheck Audit Trail is included in PIVCheck Plus.

PIVCheck Certificate Manager is a PC-based application that revalidates imported cardholder certificates on a user-defined periodic basis. Certificate Manager can be configured to suspend a PACS badge associated with a revoked certificate.

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