McGruff Safe Kids (MSK) unveiled its new child fingerprint and identification kit along with an updated line of safety kits with major enhancements to promote crime prevention and safety messages in our communities. These kits (especially the child identification kit) have been acclaimed by police departments, sheriffs’ offices, businesses, military installations and educators as significant safety educational materials that are useful for every American family. To promote community awareness and response for an organization that is hosting a McGruff Safety Day the web site now hosts a community calendar where customers can describe and gain publicity.

MSK President Kurt Boerner stated, “While some people try to make the streets safe for kids, these McGruff safety kits teach kids how to be safe on the streets. Today, new rules apply to keeping our kids safe and these McGruff Safety Kits provide those necessary tools.”

Led by the McGruff Safe Kids Identification Kit (containing fingerprint ink) these kits have become classics in the realm of business and community-wide child safety and protection programs. The association with America’s greatest crime fighting icon – McGruff the Crime Dog – who enjoys a 94% recognition rate among adults and children facilitates an invaluable promotion of safety and community goodwill.

McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit (includes child identification kit and fingerprint ink) – This is the only child fingerprint identification kit supported by the National Crime Prevention Council. The kit includes a child-safe fingerprint ink to instantly create a child’s personal identity profile, instructions for parents and children, games that reinforce Mom and Dad’s safety message.

McGruff Safe Kids Internet Safety Kit – Twelve pages of fun and interesting interactive guidance for parents and their children to learn together about safe and appropriate Internet use. It now includes advice on social networking sites (such as MySpace and Facebook), Internet predators, Internet bullying and more.

The McGruff Safety Kits’ success hinges on their creative, non-threatening, common sense approach to frightening personal safety and security concerns. MSK and its interactive teaching methodology ignited the use of educational materials designed for children and families and supported by businesses, law enforcement agencies, military family programs and community organizations.

McGruff Safe Kids is the creator of safety and crime prevention products sold to parents, police departments, sheriffs’ offices, businesses, military installations and educators to promote safety in their markets and communities.