Clear, the fast pass for airport security, told Zalud’s Blog that its members have now made one million trips through the Clear lanes since the program began in July, 2005. 

Clear clocked the one millionth trip on Friday, May 2 at 7:16AM Eastern. Clear does not track where and when individual users use their Clear cards, so Clear attendants identified the members who were using a kiosk at a Clear lane at that moment in each of its airports to celebrate this important milestone.

“The fast growth of Clear in airports, both big and small, is a testament to the experience that frequent fliers demand today,” said Steven Brill, CEO of Clear. “Whether it is spending more time with their kids or making a business trip more efficient, the Clear card offers our members a sense of predictability and comfort; they now know that they will move through airport security with greater speed and less hassle.”

This morning, Clear is celebrating its one millionth verification at all fifteen Clear airports with gifts for members (including eye masks and cereal boxes), which recognize the extra time and predictability that Clear offers, such as more sleep or a chance to eat breakfast with their families before catching early morning flights. In addition, the members last Friday at the fifteen airports who went through Clear lanes at the one million mark also received a lifetime Clear membership.

“Clear is a time saver,” said Kathy Stauffer, Senior Enterprise Architect, iLuMinA Solutions, Inc., who was in the one-million group last Friday morning. “I find great comfort knowing that when I arrive at the airport I will be through security, and now I no longer worry about missing flights because I can rely on Clear. I fly at least twice a month and I often take the 8AM US Air shuttle from DC to NY, and I know I can arrive at Reagan National by 7:20 for boarding at 7:30. The time saved with a Clear card turns into dollars in terms of productivity. I know I can stay a bit longer at my desk or with a client since I can predict that I'll be through security,” Stauffer added. Other members who are part of the one-million group weigh in about Clear (see below).

“As the airport that launched the Clear registered traveler program, Orlando International Airport is more committed than ever to seek the use of technology to improve customer service and enhance efficient airport operations,” said Brigette Goersch Director of Security, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. 

Today, Clear operates fast lanes at 15 airports and provides enrollment at 30 stations around the country. Members are pre-screened by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and, after application approval, are provided with a card that allows exclusive access to Clear’s security lanes nationwide. The innovative, high-tech Clear Card verifies a fingerprint or iris image selected by members during enrollment. 

“It took us from July, 2005 to get to one million,” Brill added. “But we’ve now grown so fast that we’re likely to have our second million celebration before the end of the year, by which time we’ll be in still more major airports.”

In addition to the 30 dedicated enrollment stations across the country, Clear brings mobile enrollment onsite to businesses nationwide. Later this month, Clear will launch its lanes at Salt Lake City International Airport. New Clear openings can be found at


“I’m so thrilled to be a member of Clear. I can rely on Clear to get me through the airport fast and to make my travel more consistent. I travel 50 weeks per year and having a Clear card allows me to spend more time with my clients, which is great for productivity. And, now that Clear will be opening lanes this month at my home airport in Salt Lake City, I will have the luxury of using Clear at my home airport!”

Mark Nakamura, Managing Consultant, IBM


“As a marketing manager for one of the largest bio tech companies in the world, I travel about 100,000 miles per year. Clear is one of the best tools for a business traveler. It is a big stress reducer. I was one of the first people to sign up for Clear when it began in Orlando nearly three years ago. I am now disappointed every time I arrive at an airport that does not have a Clear program. I am hoping that the LA airport will soon open a Clear program because, after sitting in traffic in LA and then waiting in line at security, it would be nice to know I could get through in 3-4 minutes at my home airport, too.”

Bryan Martinez, Senior Marketing Manager, Amgen


“Clear saves me valuable time. I live more than an hour and half from the San Francisco Airport and Clear gives me peace of mind knowing that, if I’m running behind or the airport is overwhelmed with travelers, Clear will always get me through in five minutes. The staff are courteous, professional and pleasant -- even at 5AM when I frequently arrive at the airport -- and it’s hard to find anyone at 5AM pleasant and willing to help you. I travel to trade shows on business and take about 130 flights per year -- ten or more of those are traveling to Denver, so I know the Clear card will come in very handy there.” 

David J. Belrose, COO, The Belrose


“As a working mother, I need to eke out every available moment to juggle my family and career. I do a great deal of traveling for business, and Clear is a tremendous asset to have. I recently joined Clear, and this morning I experienced the benefit of the Clear pass as I breezed past a horrendously long security line at the Little Rock Airport. I can count on the Clear card to make my life a bit less hassled.”

Rachel Kremer, a Partner at Moore Stephens Frost, a CPA firm


“Clear is a great convenience. It allows me to not worry about making my flights.”

Kevin Holland, Director of Indianapolis Operations for architecture firm, Moody-Nolan


“It’s clear that Clear is the only way to go. Clear allows great convenience. It keeps you from having to run through terminals to catch flights. As a Vienna, Virginia resident, I’m very pleased that Clear has now launched at Dulles.”

Jeffery Ocean, President of the realty firm, the Ocean Group, Inc.


“I love my Clear card. Clear saves me thousands of dollars because I arrive at the airport only 30 minutes before my flight, since I know I can get to my gate in 8 minutes. As the Business Development VP of a consulting firm, I travel extensively – about 100 flights per year. Recently, I booked a flight out to London to visit my friend within an hour and 50 minutes of the flight departure. I could only do that because I was confident that I’d make the flight – Clear’s equipment always works and the employees are always efficient. It just works. I’m on my way to close one of the biggest deals in my company’s history, and I am thrilled to be the one millionth customer in Orlando today!”

Amy M. Goodman, VP Business Development, Distinctions, Inc.


“Clear is a great program. It saves me an enormous amount of time in the airport and I’m looking forward to the program’s expansion. I am an Albany, NY resident and Sales Director for Sealy Mattress Company, which means that I travel extensively. Clear allows me to spend more time with my family and to get to airport later. My Clear card has helped me make flights where the connecting flights were very close.”

Dan Iftiger, Director of Sales of the Sealy Mattress Company


“It was my first time using the Clear card. The regular security line was heavy with passengers on a flight to France and I zipped right through with my Clear card. I take about 100 flights per year and would love to see Clear in every airport, including Toronto Pearson in Canada.”

Jeff Anderson, a Manager with BearingPoint


“Clear is a great way to avoid congestion at airport security at major U.S. airports.”

Andrew Calderwood, Connecticut resident


“Having a Clear card has made my life easier. I can spend more time at the office or at home. I once timed myself going through the Clear lane at my home airport in Cincinnati and found it took 49 seconds, compared with the regular security line which could have been about 15 minutes. Since I travel twice a week, these extra minutes add up. I do hope Clear expands to every major airport in the U.S.”

Mike P. Fleury, EVP of the printing company, The Hennegan Company

About Clear

Clear, operated by Verified Identity Pass, Inc., has signed up more than 155,000 travelers nationwide. Clear cards are accepted at 17 U.S. airports: Albany, Cincinnati, Denver, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, LaGuardia (Central Terminal B Checkpoint), Little Rock, New York JFK (Terminals 1, 4 and 7), Newark (Terminal B2), Oakland, Orlando, Reno, San Francisco, San José, Washington, DC’s Reagan and Dulles, and Westchester. Clear lanes will open this month at Salt Lake City International Airport. Clear members are pre-screened and provided with a high-tech card which allows them to access designated security lanes nationwide. Clear members pass through the security checkpoint faster, with more predictability and less hassle. The annual fee of $100 (plus a $28 TSA vetting fee) is charged once applicants are approved by the government. Applicants start their enrollment at and complete the process at an enrollment location where their fingerprints and iris images are captured and their identification is validated. Clear’s registered traveler program has been operational since July 19, 2005. For more information, please visit: