After ISC, Dedicated Micros, part of AD Group, announces the DV-IP Codec, a single channel selectable encoder and decoder combination unit designed to increase the flexibility of surveillance networks. Its versatility allows the user to choose whether the unit operates either as a single channel encoder or a single channel decoder.

In encoder mode the DV-IP Codec enables existing and new analog cameras to be added to an IP network, allowing a video surveillance solution to expand and adapt without the cost and trouble of completely replacing and redesigning the installation. Its integrated MultiMode recording profiles can be set to give the user the flexibility to adjust resolution (QCIF to 4CIF), record rates and compression settings (MPEG-4/JPEG) dynamically across normal and alarm modes.

The DV-IP Codec in its decoder mode gives the user increased viewing flexibility by allowing additional monitoring stations to be deployed anywhere within the network footprint. The unit can support full and multi-camera screen viewing modes from different network video sources. The embedded device simplifies the deployment of remote viewing stations and ensures long term trouble-free operation.

“We are very pleased to launch the DVIP-Codec,” said Mark Provinsal, vice president of marketing and product strategy for Dedicated Micros Inc. “It is a response to the market’s demand to use analog cameras remotely as well as to provide an industrial grade device that displays video streams to a monitor from remote sources on the network."