Viscount Systems Inc. is introducing the MESH News Network (MNN). MNN is a video portal to be embedded within the Viscount website and features video interviews with integrators and end users of MESH systems as well as stories relating to Viscount and industry trends. The complete MNN package is scheduled for release in January and will include additional features including a virtual tradeshow and virtual WEB training. Preliminary video white papers are available online by clicking "MESH Video

Whitepapers" at

"VSI and our customers are very excited about MNN," noted Stephen Pineau, President and CEO of VSI Viscount. "MESH is an exciting and disruptive technology that is not always easy for new integrators to fully understand or communicate to customers. We feel that video white papers are more effective than printed text and the new video portal and coming enhancements provide salespeople powerful tools for closing deals and supporting the Viscount MESH. "As we enter 2008, we also intend to expand the portal to help communicate our message and refocus our efforts as a public company. It is important that both investors and customers are better informed about how MESH is poised to dramatically disrupt the $30B physical access industry."