ImmerVision, the expert in 360-degree Panoramic Imaging Technology and the inventor of the IMV1-1/3 Panomorph lens for video surveillance, has just certified Stanley Security Solutions’ VIP X DVRs ImmerVision Enables. The ImmerVision Enables certification means that Stanley’s digital video management system will be able to offer full panoramic functionality using ImmerVision’s IMV1-1/3 Panomorph lens. The IMV1-1/3 Panomorph lens simply attaches to existing standard analog or IP cameras giving them 360-degree viewing capability without blind spots and with greater detail than other panoramic lenses such as mirror and fisheye. The IMV1 1/3 Panomorph lens is a substantial technological solution because even the most sophisticated video surveillance equipment face dangerous blind spots or holes in their security grids. The IMV1/3 lens is a huge step forward in securing these risk areas.

“Stanley is renowned for providing quality products and services for the security market,” said Alessandro Gasparini, Chief Commercial Officer of ImmerVision. “and we’re pleased that Stanley is now offering 360-degree functionality with ImmerVision’s technology and believe that it will prove to be a great benefit for its customers.“

“With ImmerVision’s 360-degree technology integrated to Stanley’s VIP X DVR, blind spots are a thing of the past,” said Robert Gagnon, Chief Operating Officer of Stanley Security Solutions Canada. We can now provide a better video surveillance solution to our customers and, when combined with our new enhanced services solutions, an increased level of reliability.”

About Stanley Security Solutions

Stanley Security Solutions, a business division of The Stanley Works, is a provider of integrated access and security solutions for institutional, commercial and industrial businesses and organizations. With a strong emphasis on service, Stanley Security Solutions delivers a comprehensive suite of security products, software and integrated systems directly to end user customers. Stanley Security Solutions is committed to extending its position as a leading comprehensive resource for a broad and extensive array of solutions that span the entire security spectrum.

About ImmerVision

ImmerVision’s revolutionary Panomorph technology is the recipient of the 2007 Frost & Sullivan Award for North American Technology Innovation of the Year. Under the leadership of Pascale Nini, President and CEO, ImmerVision has a mission to “invent and bring panoramic technologies to the world.” ImmerVision develops both Panomorph optics and software algorithms to enable panoramic functionalities that can be used on any common video device for numerous applications such as security, video conferencing, automotive, medical, aerospace and defence. To date, ImmerVision has established six (6) worldwide patents for its visionary technology comprised of panomorph optics and software. ImmerVision is based in Montreal, Canada. For more details