Wireless technology has evolved significantly over the past decade by offering new and innovative solutions to the growing demand for security communications. Today, wireless devices eliminate the often high-costs associated with running cable over long distances or difficult to reach locations with better performance. This new and constantly improving technology enables today’s security professional the ability to offer economical solutions to customer’s applications normally not possible, convenient or economical. Installing hard-wired cable remains the most economical solution for most scenarios, however based on the application requirements there are instances when running cable is not a practical option. According to Rob Michie of VideoComm Technologies, there are three primary reasons why a wireless device is as a perfect alternative to hard-wiring security devices including:


Physical Limitations


It is most likely impossible to pull hard-wired video cable over a large body of water, city-street or freeway. A wireless device would easily accomplish this task.




For some hard-wired installations the cost of equipment rentals, city permits, labor and other associated materials may be more expensive than a wireless alternative.




Cable is not esthetically pleasing in a finished or historical building. A wireless device would in this instance eliminate unsightly visual distractions.


Wireless Video devices offer new opportunities to protect lives, property and assets in ways that have been impractical before now. Relieving the high costs of running cable and removing installation limitations has never been so easy.