In one such case, Arteco is working with, Pfizer, Inc., one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical research-based companies, in protecting hardware at a collocation center in San Diego, Calif. Pfizer wanted to be certain that no unauthorized personnel could tamper with its data-sensitive servers, so it installed IVS to supplement the card access to the gate, giving offsite corporate security real-time video validation of unauthorized entry. Intelligent video uses a proprietary algorithm to identify abnormalities within a digital image such as movement within a controlled space. This allows the system to count and recognize objects, people and situations and will alert security personnel to take action and pre-empt potential situations. The innovative video surveillance system can be customized and integrated into many security applications. The intelligent analysis of the system is programmed to detect and evaluate a specific security event occurring within one of its camera views, which immediately triggers a visible and audible signal. The guard receives this alert from his computer screen or mobile device (PDA) as an email or SMS message, physically validates the threat by acknowledging the alert and takes the appropriate countermeasures.