HSM Electronic Protection Services, Inc. announces the expansion of its high security services to meet the increased security needs of private and public commercial companies, defense contractors and government agencies and is now offering nationwide benefits with the launching of HSM High Security Services.
With a 15-year history of providing high security services and security systems to select customers, HSM is now able to facilitate and customize a strategic security solution from its 60 plus offices across the country where high security specialists are in place to help companies and government agencies manage their risks, while ensuring a high degree of conformity. “The genesis of the expanded offering was to upgrade our High Security Program around this very specific-needs market to serve them better on a larger scale by providing and deploying security solutions to meet their specific requirements,” states Kevin Brooks, HSM’s Vice President Government Programs.
“We know that this type of customer does not fall into a specific market segment, necessarily, and includes a wide breadth of organizations all having to meet precise requirements for securing high risk or high security areas that satisfy various government standards,” continued Brooks. “Our customers are manufacturing companies, universities doing research, traditional defense contractors, logistical firms and pharmaceutical companies, for example, all having needs and requirements far beyond a typical security system.”
HSM High Security Services’ projects typically include SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility), UL and government requirements, and are ideal for assignments that require: Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Safety (UL 2050) Director of Central Intelligence; Directive No. 6/9 National Industrial Security Program (NISPOM) Joint Air Force Army Navy (JAFAN ) Department of Defense (DOD) Encrypted Communications and/or appropriate certifications “We are one of only two security providers that can offer this kind of comprehensive expertise, service and coverage across the entire country. We wanted to provide a clear alternative in the national arena,” states Tony Byerly, HSM’s Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and National Accounts.
“Because compliance is an increasingly important consideration, paired with the critical and sensitive nature of how our customers must interface with the government, we have amassed high security and government teams who are specially trained and dedicated to work with this specialized group of customers. This is a high demand area of interest for our existing customers, as well as new business,” Byerly continued.
HSM’s Central Monitoring Station Issued Necessary Facility Clearance A key element of HSM’s high security initiative is its central monitoring station. Among its increasingly commercial customer base, HSM’s ProtectionNet Customer Service Center (PNC), which is UL and FM listed, provides monitoring services for many high security and government customers across the United States, while leveraging its government listings. This technologically sophisticated hub of the company’s monitoring and service network provides centralized monitoring of alarms, as well as customer service throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. According to Brooks, “High security monitoring for this customers base begins with achieving an appropriate facility certification for the monitoring center itself. The facility certification for the PNC, issued by the applicable government agencies, meets all the requirements for physical security and data management. “We also employ monitoring personnel with the approvals necessary to interact with our high security and government accounts. As part of the certification process, the necessary HSM management team members also hold the appropriate security level certifications.” HSM offers as part of its High Security Services a dedicated and specially trained High Security Team; HSM sales, installation, service, monitoring, preventative maintenance, tests and inspections and monitoring services; stand-alone and fully integrated CCTV, access control, intrusion and fire systems; on-line, real-time eServices with 128-bit encryption and SSL Certification for the highest security protection.