Integral Technologies, Inc. has a new event and alarm management database engine, DigitalSENTRY (DS) DataPoint. DS DataPoint allows users to merge video data with intelligence captured by transactional devices such as cash registers, ATMs, barcode scanners, time and attendance applications, truck scales, and HVAC, fire and burglar systems helping the banking, retail and transportation industry protect assets and prevent loss.

“DS DataPoint provides a real-time loss prevention solution to industries affected by fraud or theft,” said Matt Kushner, Integral’s chief executive officer. “By giving users a single access point to critical data from both video and transactional devices, customers can view and retrieve the information necessary to react quickly to protect their property.”


By linking transactional and video data, and presenting it in an easy to use and visually-integrated format, DS DataPoint helps security professionals quickly identify and investigate events of interest to reduce product shrinkage and fraud. The application’s database retains detailed information from each transaction, resulting in a fast and efficient method to conduct in-depth searches of events in real-time or from archived data.


Synchronized video and transaction data displayed on separate or overlaid windows enables event intervention through real-time human monitoring, or through visual or audio alarms. The DS DataPoint event management system allows users to set customized alarm notifications per device in response to individual or multiple event parameters. Other advanced features include versatile data mining, custom-configured time and data overlay, pre-and post-transaction recording and fully configurable data capture methods.


DS DataPoint is part of Integral’s DigitalSENTRY family of video security software products and is one more clear indication of Integral’s commitment to and investment in developing IT-centric security solutions. A versatile application that enables seamless and progressive migration from basic analog to hybrid or pure IP environments, DS ControlPoint was released in August and will be showcased at ASIS. Other new DS software solutions include DS ConneX, a video software development kit that integrates any third-party device, and the robust system set-up tool, DS Admin.