Continental Access now offers a high-tech Accelerator Board to provide performance improvements to any SuperTerm or Turbo SuperTerm family of controllers. Improvements include faster downloads, larger cardholder capacity, faster processing performance, built-in TCP/IP communication and simple installation.


The Accelerator Board is a smart-module that attaches to any SuperTerm or Turbo SuperTerm family of controllers and adds several advantages. Once attached, the Accelerator Board takes over all processing and memory duties from the original controller with a 32-bit microprocessor that executes 54MIPS (million instructions per second). It also includes an on-board LAN adapter for direct CAT-5 connection to a network with speeds in excess of 912Kbps. This figure is roughly 50 to 75 times faster than current download speeds. 


Along with these advancements, the Accelerator Board’s memory capacity is substantially larger, with 4MB of on-board memory that is expandable to 20MB and user installable with the addition of two 8MB SIMM modules. These optional features equip the Accelerator Board with 5 times the memory capacity of a standard SuperTerm and grants storage space to over one million cardholders on a single controller.  


The Accelerator Board is another example of Continental’s commitment to support the needs of both new and existing installations in the field. Unlike other access control manufacturers, Continental Access continues to regularly upgrade their software without changing the equipment hardware. For the end-user, this translates into substantial cost savings in both equipment and labor.