Advanced video analytics technology – software that analyzes video from cameras to identify and alert on specific events and behaviors – is a key element of effective video surveillance systems and can now be found in more products than ever before. Analytics embedded in devices positioned at the network’s edge have received a lot of recent attention but are not necessarily ideal for every installation, most notably very large-scale systems. 


The latest product offering is targeted specifically for video surveillance systems comprised of several hundred or more security cameras, and is offered by Cernium Corporation. Cernium’s High Density Analytics Server (HDAS) provides a full suite of analytics detection capabilities, in real time, for up to 100 channels per server. HDAS is intended to operate within a video management system and provides system architects and integrators with the flexibility necessary for larger systems.


The server itself is a 19-inch rack mounted unit that contains a processor comparable to that found in high end laptops. That means analytics can be used with every camera for up to 1000 cameras for less than fifteen dollars worth of hardware per video stream and occupy less than 1 cubic meter of space! Flexibility and ease of use is also built in for security personnel via a web-based console that permits configuration, monitoring and system administration. For more information, visit