ADI, the biggest wholesale distributor of custom electronics, security and low voltage products, today announced its support for the Digital Performance Level (DPL) Ranking System, an HDMI testing and rating program developed by Jeff Boccaccio and his team at InVisions Technology, a leading consulting and development firm specializing in HDMI.
The DPL Ranking System tests HDMI cables and accessories and ranks them by performance on a scale of 1 to 5 based on a variety of characteristics including bandwidth, eye pattern, supply line current, impedance, jitter and more. This program will help dealers easily identify, market and sell HDMI cables, and reduce confusion associated with differentiating between high and low quality cables. With the DPL Ranking System, installers can feel more confident that they have chosen the right HDMI cable for each installation.
As an advocate for the program, ADI supports this industry initiative and will be working with its vendors to incorporate the DPL Ranking System labels onto their products and marketing tools. “To successfully integrate this program, it is important to have the backing of a leading distributor with access to key vendors and dealers in the custom electronic space,” said Jeff Boccaccio, principal at InVisions Technology.
“We are pleased to have ADI’s support to help offer a simple way for customers to identify well performing HDMI cables.” “ADI’s commitment to the DPL Ranking System will help advance the program so dealers will no longer have to stumble upon which cable to choose for each installation,” said RJ Hirshkind, product manager for residential and commercial A/V at ADI. “Now dealers will be able to purchase products they have confidence in.”