Access control products help security leaders protect vulnerable physical spaces including schools, offices and hospitals.

Security magazine highlights access control solutions including reinforced doors, credential cards and door locks.

he SARGENT PE80 and Corbin Russwin PED4000/PED5000 Series exit devices


Manages exits in high-traffic areas

The SARGENT PE80 and Corbin Russwin PED4000/PED5000 Series exit devices from ASSA ABLOY are designed to withstand heavy usage. The devices have sloped, flush surfaces to eliminate catch points and minimize damage related to impact. The reinforced mounting brackets ensure the end caps never fall off from excessive contact. The devices have enhanced motorized electric latch retraction, including electric latch retraction on FEMA-certified devices. They also feature a five-pound pressure latch release option on all rim and concealed vertical rod models to comply with California building codes. Image courtesy of ASSA ABLOY


The Altronix T2RM7F8S pre-configured kit


Integrates multiple doors

The Altronix T2RM7F8S pre-configured kit is equipped with Altronix power distribution and combines Mercury platform controllers, streamlining access control deployment. The rack drawer allows for ease of installation, service and maintenance to simplify board layout. Units include tamper switch, an integrated Z-bracket to facilitate wire management and network power management options. Support up to eight doors with power from a single 2U enclosure, where wall space is limited or not an option. Image courtesy of Altronix


ProxPlus Secure cards


Prevents card copies with encryption

ProxPlus Secure cards are encrypted so that access cards can only be read by a ProxPlus Secure reader. This aims to prevent unauthorized duplication of the access card. The card readers can be helpful in high-security applications. The card reader outputs the card code in a 26-bit Wiegand format so they are compatible with almost any access control system on the market. The card readers are designed for locations such as utility facilities, airports, schools, laboratories and supply chain areas. Image courtesy of DoorKing


HID introduces Seos Bamboo credential badges


Provides sustainable credential badges

HID introduces Seos Bamboo credential badges that are made out of bamboo instead of PVC. The bamboo is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). The card can be used for secure office printing, attendance, network logins and access into buildings and rooms. A magstripe can be added to cards to work with legacy scanners, but also work with proximity readers. The cards are designed to be an alternative to traditional plastic badges for when mobile credentials are not accepted. Image courtesy of HID


The KA211 Z-Wave Touchpad Deadbolt by Kaadas


Manages MDU access with PIN codes

The KA211 Z-Wave Touchpad Deadbolt by Kaadas for the multiple dwelling unit (MDU) market is an electronic smart door lock, it is available in Z-Wave 700 or 800 Series technology, is ANSI Grade 2 rated and is IP65 rated dust and waterproof. Users can unlock the KA211 via the backlight touchpad, via the Z-Wave system app that the lock is tied to, or with their key. The lock is programmable with up to 250 saved PIN codes as well as temporary one-time codes, allowing users to provide access to roommates, friends, family, guests or authorized service providers safely and securely. The KA211 is compatible with various existing door hardware. Image courtesy of Kaadas


The EverGuard Rolling Steel Storm Shelter Doors

Overhead Door

Defends spaces with reinforced doors

The EverGuard Rolling Steel Storm Shelter Doors provide protection for schools, emergency operations centers, storefronts, safe rooms and other facilities against severe weather, fires and forced entry. The doors feature heavy-duty 12-gauge curved slats that provide a natural watershed and help reduce corrosion. The curved slats are designed with free-acting interlocking joints that permit easy articulation when the door coils. They also include a double-angle bottom bar that reinforces the door’s structural integrity and helps prevent unwanted entry. Model 610FR is fire-rated for up to four hours and bears the Warnock Hersey mark for fire safety. Model 610FE is ballistics-rated for .22LR - .38 special (NIJ 0108.01) and meets the requirements for up to 30 minutes of forced entry per ASTM F3038-21. Image courtesy of Overhead Door


Viking Electronics

Controls entryways remotely

The SRC-1 from Viking Electronics is a secure relay controller (SRC) that enables a standard touch phone to operate a set of relay contacts that control a doorstrike or gate controller. The SRC-1 is installed between the entry phone and the secure phone, and will only operate the relay if the correct activation code is entered, a request to exit (REX) switch or button is pressed, or a recognized keyless entry code is entered. The unit is user-programmable and utilizes non-volatile memory. The unit provides up to 32 programmable keyless entry codes to operate the relay from the entry phone. For increased security, keyless entry can be disabled in programming. Image courtesy of Viking Electronics