Secured entry solutions have long been established as proven tools in the fight against shrinkage, theft and unauthorized entry into protected areas. From revolving doors and turnstiles for high-traffic stores to interlocking portals for high-end merchandisers, retailers are increasingly deploying security entrances to help curtail losses while maintaining welcoming, secure environments for their customers. When deployed in large retail box stores and warehouses, a layered application of secured entry solutions can eliminate shrinkage caused by insider threats, external operators and employee collusion. 

Ongoing labor shortages, challenges with employee retention and a rise in social tensions have contributed significantly to the risks faced by retailers. Retailers must take an active role in crime prevention, not just to minimize shrinkage but to guarantee long-term business continuity.

For demanding retail applications where expensive merchandise is sold, like jewelry and watch stores or designer handbags and clothing shops, secured entry solutions, such as security revolving doors and interlocking mantrap portals, can offer a higher level of preventative security by thwarting unauthorized entry attempts as they occur. This level of secured entry is also ideal for back-areas such as cash rooms, vaults and storage areas that are off limits to unauthorized personnel. To further fortify access, these security entrances can be configured with sensors to detect tailgating and piggybacking, identifying when two people try to enter on a single authorization. If tailgating or piggybacking is detected, entry can be immediately prohibited. 

It is unfortunately not uncommon for criminals to bypass physical barriers to entry on their quest to commit theft. Smash and grab burglary, wherein individuals smash a barrier, grab readily available valuables and then make a quick getaway, is a common tactic. Smash and grab burglaries occur quickly with the associated costs often far exceeding the cost of the goods that are stolen. Luxury retailers often have trouble keeping up foot traffic sales with plywood in their front doors. Many more are spending thousands to hire on-site security personnel to safeguard their facilities while awaiting repairs. 

High-end merchandisers are frequent targets of smash and grab robberies, as criminals can make off with thousands of dollars’ worth of products in their hands within seconds. And while advanced security entrances are not immune to smash and grab attempts, there are numerous vandal and bullet resistant solutions available that can be applied to glass facades and security entrances to help further fortify retail establishments while adding another layer of protection for employees and patrons inside. 

Smash-resistant laminate film, for example, is an easy add-on that prevents vandalism amongst a range of existing glass-equipped security entrances. This type of glass solution is meticulously engineered and designed to withstand a range of impact forces, from blunt objects to sharp tools. When applied, the laminate film causes glass to crack like a spider web when hit, instead of shattering into multiple pieces. Because the treated glass cannot be easily broken, the extra time and effort required to break through it provides a significant deterrent to assailants looking for fast and easy targets. 

In addition to smash-resistant film, loss prevention teams can further fortify their facilities by leveraging secured entry solutions with additional door reinforcement and protection features. Options such as reinforced frames, high-security locks and additional reinforcements provide an added layer of defense against unauthorized entry attempts and forced intrusions. By integrating these security measures into their entrance systems, organizations can elevate loss prevention efforts and enhance their overall security posture.

Premium retail environments that handle large sums of cash face elevated security risks that demand specialized protection from armed robberies. Bullet-resistant glass offers an additional level of security for revolving doors and interlocking mantrap portals by withstanding ballistic impacts. By incorporating bullet-resistant technology, these secured entrances can create a secure environment that better safeguards both personnel and physical assets. 

As retailers and organizations strive to protect their assets and mitigate security risks, it is essential for security and loss prevention teams to explore innovative solutions that proactively prevent theft. Advanced secured entry solutions and the use of vandal and bullet resistant glass provide a powerful defense against unauthorized access, smash and grab thefts and armed robberies. The proactive and strategic implementation of these cutting-edge secured entry solutions is a vital step towards ensuring the long-term success of loss prevention in an ever-changing security landscape.