Generative AI has caused a variety of security concerns, ranging from data privacy to malware development. Despite concerns, businesses are looking to implement the technology within their organizations. According to a recent Insight survey, 72% of businesses are expected to adopt generative AI to increase productivity. 

Around half of the respondents say they expect to use the technology to assist with research and development (53%) and/or software development and testing (50%). Eighty-one percent say their company already has established or implemented policies/strategies around generative AI or are currently in the process of doing so.

Ninety-percent of professionals believe specific roles will be impacted by the adoption of generative AI, including data analyst/data scientist (44%) tops the list of these roles. This is followed by software developer (37%), software tester (37%), financial operations (32%) and communications (30%) roles.

About half of the respondents expressed concerns about the implementation of generative AI technologies at their organization, with quality and control (51%) and safety and security risks (49%) topping the list. Another 38% have concerns about human error due to a lack of understanding of how to use the tool or accidental breaches of their organization’s data.