Media and entertainment (M&E) was analyzed in a recent survey by Wasabi Technologies. Survey findings highlighted that, while M&E organizations are still relatively new to cloud storage (69% of respondents had been using cloud storage for three years or less), public cloud storage use is on the rise, with 89% of respondents looking to increase (74%) or maintain (15%) their cloud services.

M&E respondents said they allocate 13.9% of the their IT budgets to public cloud storage services, on average.

Other findings include:

  • Nearly half (49%) of M&E organizations' public cloud storage bill was comprised of fees in 2022, with the other half going to actual storage capacity used.
  • Understanding the costs and fees associated with cloud usage was cited as the number one cloud migration challenge for M&E organizations.
  • M&E organizations rely heavily on data access, egress and ingress, a key reason why M&E respondents indicated the highest prevalence of API call fees compared to the global average.
  • M&E respondents showed a very high prevalence of data migration to cloud, with 95% saying they migrated storage from on-premises to public cloud in the last year.
  • M&E respondents increasing their public cloud storage budgets in the next 12 months cited new data security, backup and recovery requirements as the top reason driving the increase, compared to the global average where security ranked third.
  • Almost half (45%) of M&E organizations reported using more than one public cloud provider. Data security requirements were one of the top reasons why M&E organizations were choosing a multi-cloud strategy, ranking a close second (44%) to different buying centers within the organization making their own purchase decisions (47%).

The top three biggest security concerns M&E organizations have with public cloud include:

  • Lack of native security services (42%).
  • Lack of native backup, disaster and data protection tools and services (39%).
  • Lack of experience with cloud platform or adequate security training (38%).