Security compliance was analyzed in a recent report by Coalfire. The report looks at the changes compliance, detailing how security leaders are addressing compliance investments, organization governance, framework updates, tooling and automation.

The report reveals that companies are struggling more than ever in managing multiple compliance frameworks within complex, hybrid-cloud environments and are increasingly turning to automation to meet the challenge. Eighty-four percent of retail, financial services, tech and healthcare companies are impacted by the mandatory requirements of data protection frameworks and are compelled to frequently and consistently demonstrate compliance to customers, regulators and supply chain partners.

Almost 70% manage at least six frameworks. Fifty-nine percent have multiple systems now subject to compliance requirements. Fifty-six percent of large enterprise respondents report using automation software to manage compliance. 64% of large enterprise respondents  have embraced tools to support evidence mapping to manage costs within multi-framework environments.

While 77% of organizations plan to migrate to updated frameworks soon, the report shows that nearly a quarter (23%) are under-prepared for this impending series of transitions and deadlines.