A Rhode Island Dollar Tree was cited by OSHA for multiple workplace hazards. The retail chain faces a total of $770,136 in proposed penalties for hazards related to obstructed exits, unsafe storage of materials, fire and other hazards at its East Providence and Pawtucket locations.

OSHA inspectors responded to complaints about unsafe conditions at the two stores and found employees exposed to these hazards:

Blocked exits: Large piles of materials blocked access to emergency exits. Inspectors found access to an emergency exit completely blocked at the Pawtucket store.

Unsafe storage of materials: Boxed merchandise stacked up to seven feet high at both locations.

Fire extinguishers: Storage room materials completely blocked access to fire extinguishers at the Pawtucket store.

Compressed gas storage: Inspectors found helium compressed gas cylinders stored and labeled improperly in East Providence. The cylinders also lacked caps for valve protection.

OSHA cited the East Providence store for three repeat violations, with $319,220 in proposed fines, and the Pawtucket location for four repeat violations, with $450,916 in proposed fines. View the citations for the East Providence and Pawtucket stores.

OSHA cited Dollar Tree previously for similar hazards at locations in Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Texas and Wisconsin.

Since 2017, federal and state OSHA programs identified more than 300 violations in more than 500 inspections at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores operated by Dollar Tree Inc.