OSHA has cited Dollar Tree for allowing exit routes to be blocked off. They were also cited for unsafe box stacking that placed employees at risk. 

OSHA opened an inspection at a Dollar Tree store in Florence, Alabama, in July 2022 and found a dumpster, wheeled carts and a moveable conveyer belt blocking exit routes that exposed employees to fire hazards.

Inspectors also identified struck-by hazards related to unsafe storage and stacking of boxes and merchandise. The agency issued citations for three repeat violations and proposed $171,886 in penalties for the company's latest workplace safety failures.

Since 2017, federal and state OSHA programs identified more than 300 violations in more than 500 inspections at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores operated by Dollar Tree Inc. Blocked exit routes, unsafe working areas and unsafely stacked boxes and merchandise have been repeatedly found by workplace safety inspectors.