Muscogee Nation Gaming Enterprises, one of the largest tribal casino owners and operators in the U.S., has partnered with Oosto to protect its flagship River Spirit Casino and Resort’s gaming floors in Oklahoma, with face-based security software incorporated throughout its facility’s cameras.

At 200,000 square feet, River Spirit Casino receives approximately 10,000 guests per day. The environment for security teams is a complex, cross-site operational challenge in managing the identification of bad actors in real-time and under various levels of lighting, occlusions, and face coverings.

River Spirit Casino’s security team realized that to maintain the property’s reputation, combat thefts and fraud, maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, and research video footage retrospectively for investigative purposes, facial recognition technology offered numerous benefits.

Upon implementing Oosto OnWatch real-time watchlist alerting to recognize potential security threats, the casino ensured that evicted and banned patrons were identified and apprehended. The casino’s security teams were able to track persons of interest throughout the venue without disruption to guests.

“We have eliminated most of the manual processes associated with identifying bad actors as they enter the casino. When a patron does something inside the property that is considered a crime or unwanted, that person is barred from entering the property again,” said Travis Thompson, Director of Compliance, Muscogee Gaming Nation. “Their profile is entered into Oosto, and the system looks for that face every time they enter the property. Since [the implementation], we see anywhere from three to five positive detections per day. We know that we’re keeping the right people out and I think that makes our players more comfortable.”

River Spirit Casino uses the system’s Centralized Intelligence Database module to house information on all bad actors from Muscogee Nation’s multiple properties. Moreover, if a crime happens on the property and River Spirit Casino’s team needs to look retrospectively at historical video footage for information on the activity leading up to, during and after the crime, the solution’s Inquiry/OnSearch Forensics Analytics tool helps the casino security team to ingest video from multiple sources and quickly analyze the footage to inform teams about the full context of a perpetrator’s actions. 

According to Thompson, “The investigations is a critical piece to how we use [the system] — it’s one of the areas that I really enjoy the most about it. We can backward search or we can forward search from the point we put in and so we know when people have been on our property and I think that’s extremely helpful to us.”